Universal Transmitter SC Series

 Universal Transmitter SC Series
  • SC-U1(E)[Parts No. 05324]

New transmitter which provide excellent usability and operability.
Our sensors can be connected multiply.


The transmitter that can measure a variety of water quality items and have excellent system expandability

Universal Transmitter SC-U1 Features

Intuitive and easy to understand operation

  • The iconic control buttons and display screen make it easy for anyone to set up.
  • Control panel and monitor screen that can be seen clearly even in the dark.
The transmitter features intuitive and easy-to-understand operation.

User-friendly wiring

  • Screwless terminal block.
Easy-to-understand terminals and easy-to-wire the transmitter.
  • A color nameplate is attached to the terminal block so that the wiring color can be checked by color, preventing incorrect wiring.

■Water jet proof type (IP65)

Our sensor line-up that can be connected


Sensor input expansion/output expansion board:SC-U-EB

Sensor input expansion/output expansion board:SC-U-EB

[Parts No. 05322]

You can add 2 channels of sensor, 2 channels of 4-20 mA output, and 4 channels of relay output when attaching this to SC-U1(E).

Please go to the support page to get the necessary files in PDF.

  • Specifications

  • Dimensions

Model SC-U1
Power supply voltage 100–240 VAC ±10% 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 1 sensor installed: 20 VA max. (normal), up to 35 VA
2 sensors installed: 25VA max. (normal), up to 40 VA
4 sensors installed (using SC-U-EB): 30 VA max. (normal), up to 50 VA (analog signal output 20 mA)
Output Output Signal output: 2 channels
Using SC-U-EB: 4 channels
4-20 mA (resistance load 600Ω max.)
Relay output: 4 channels
Using SC-U-EB: 8 channels
Non-voltage C contact
(Capacity: 240 VAC, 1A resistance load)
Input Sensor: 2 channels
SC-E-UB used: 4 channels
Gateway: 1 channel
Operating temperature -20 to 50°C, Humidity 95%Rh or less (Avoid direct sunlight)
Main material Polycarbonate
Dimensions Approx. 162(H) x 240(W) x 109(D) mm
Weight Approx. 1.8 kg (including mounting bracket)
Degree of protection IP65 (jetproof type)
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Universal Transmitter SC Series SC-U1

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