Quality / Environment Policy

At OPTEX, we always put our clients first.

Aiming to find a sustainable balance between our business, the society and the environment,

we strive to provide utmost satisfaction and safety to our clients through rigorous and

continuous improvement of quality.

Action Policy

1. Based on our company policies, we endeavor to build our very own business management system in order to accurately and effectively improve and advance, with the help of proper observation and evaluation of performance.

2. We will provide the best products and services to match the expectations of the current market, our clients and environmental sustainability, through our own innovative ideas and expertise.

3. We will fully support our employees so each individual is capable of acting responsibly, and at the same time move towards goals together as a group.

4. We aspire to prevent pollution and conserve the environment at every step of our action, while maintaining a harmonious balance between the efficacy of our corporation with other stakeholders, society and community.

5. We will comply with customer requirements, legal and regulatory requirements, and any agreements with the other stakeholders.

Date of issue: January 1, 2017