Prevent Terrorism and Crime With the Early Detection of Intruders

The need for security is expanding with the threat of terrorism and as crime becomes more malicious and diversified, and stronger security systems are now being required. Optex provides safety and security to people around the world with our security sensors for machine security systems that are used in a variety of scenes, from major social infrastructure to commercial facilities and general households worldwide.
Our focus in this field is on “prior deterrence” that prevents crime. Existing machine security systems have mostly been “after-the-crime notification” that detects an intruder once he has entered the building. However, as crimes are becoming even more heinous, we believe “prior deterrence” is important as a way of detecting intruders outside before they enter a building.
At Optex, we are proud of our world-class quality and line up of products in the security field, including indoor sensors and outdoor sensors that function stably even in harsh environments.
In the high-security market that includes national borders, military facilities, energy plants and airports, we can help to prevent crime by guarding the perimeters of these places using high-level machine security systems featuring Optex sensors that can immediately detect unauthorized entry and the stealing, looting and damage of physical property. We can also assist businesses in building an effective on-site surveillance system using sensors and camera tracking. Optex sensors are used in outdoor surveillance in the commercial market, which includes commercial facilities and factories.
Our sensors are also extremely effective in physical network security systems. They can be used to prevent information leakage by detecting unauthorized entry into data centers and public institutions (tailgating detection), and the extraction of data from LAN cables.

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