Management Team

I was appointed as the President & CEO of Optex Co., Ltd. in 2017.
After graduating from university I joined Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., where for 23 years I worked on developing new technologies and businesses in a wide range of fields, using digital and information communication technologies and systems. Then in 2006 I joined Optex, with the aim of cultivating new fields by fusing my knowledge with Optex analog technologies. I started working here as a manager of security and other mainstay Optex businesses, and in this role I assisted in making Optex the global leader in sensors for niche demand and a manufacturer of industry-first products and services around the world. I was also able to play a key role in actively facilitating M&As and strategic business alliances to ensure that Optex businesses continued to grow. The company has been quick to focus on utilizing IoT, and recently we have been carving out new markets using Optex sensing technology as a data business.

I was appointed as a Board Director of Optex Co., Ltd. in 2017.
I joined Optex in 1985, and became involved in setting up the company’s American subsidiary as its first overseas base. Since then, I have been involved in building the foundation of the outdoor sensor business, in which Optex currently has the world’s top market share. During the roughly 30 years I have been working at Optex, including the time I served as president of Optex Inc. in America, I have also played a role in opening up sales routes overseas for the security and automatic door businesses to facilitate their global expansion. In 2014, I was appointed as the Chairman of the EMEA Regional Headquarters with overall responsibility for global sales and marketing. My role was to lead the company in strengthening our sales force, reorganizing sales routes, and developing strategies in key markets. I am currently focusing on launching our businesses in the Asia-Pacific region, which will be the next expanding market.

I was appointed as a Board Director of Optex Co., Ltd. in 2017.
I have overall responsibility to enhance business infrastructure that sustains the growth of company, which includes global operation restructuring among our worldwide companies, visualisation of our financial conditions, and evolution of our designing process in which quality enhancement starts from the very beginning.
In order for such management objectives to be achieved, human resources system and ways of working have also been revised.
After joining OPTEX, I worked for manufacturing department, and various product developments, during which time, I helped to build the development and production systems. For about a decade from 1999, I worked engineering and general manager at automatic door division. I played a role in the company’s introduction of digital technologies and more efficient development process which enabled us to secure the top share in the domestic market and to expand market share overseas.
Since 2014, we have adopted new designing approach to product development in which I played a leading role to define the philosophy of OPTEX KATACHI and to deploy within the company as the foundation of OPTEX manufacturing.

I was appointed as a Board Director of Optex Co., Ltd. in 2021.
Soon after joining the company in 1994, I was posted to North America and placed in charge of sales and marketing. I was subsequently appointed as a director of the U.S. subsidiary, Optex Inc. In 2007, I was appointed president of the U.K. service company we acquired, Farsight Security Services Ltd. We were able to bring the business back on track by focusing on strengthening our sales force. I was appointed as president of Optex Inc., our headquarters in the Americas, in 2012, and I played a role in developing the company by moving forward with new businesses and opening up new sales routes by restructuring the sales system. After spending many years overseas developing my career, I returned to the Optex head office in Japan, where I am currently creating new growth engines as the Head of Global Security Business Division.
I am committed to playing a role in the future of Optex, and using team building with an emphasis on creativity, maneuverability, and diversity to train highly-motivated personnel who can work in global markets.

I was appointed as a Board Director of Optex Co., Ltd. in 2021.
Since been placed in charge of the Business Management Division, I have been involved in implementing initiatives to ensure the stable supply of higher-quality products to customers. This includes maintaining and improving the supply chain to enable immediate delivery, maintaining products to ensure stable production, and handling the increasingly high-level requirements of international regulations. We are also building processes and IT systems that will make these initiatives run more smoothly and efficiently.
Additionally, we will continue to innovate on Optex products and services to meet the drastically changing business environment. Promoting the digital transformation of our businesses is also a pivotal part of supporting and speeding up these innovations.
We will continue with further innovations and reforms to deliver products and services to bring about a safe, secure, and comfortable society.

I was appointed as a Board Director of Optex Co., Ltd. in 2021.
I started my career at a city bank in Japan in 1994 from where I was afforded the opportunity to obtain a degree in Business Administration from Boston University Questrom School of Business in the United States. After completion of my degree and returning to Japan, I accepted a position at a business consulting firm where my responsibilities included planning and running a wide range of programs to include coaching and aiding clients to build and instill visions and values, reforming their organizational culture. Joining Optex in 2004, my duties included launching new businesses and was a core team member working on corporate acquisitions in the Corporate Planning Division. Accepting an overseas posting in 2011, I was transferred to Fiber SenSys, an Optex company in the United State, that we acquired the previous year. My role at Fiber SenSys included President, member of the Senior Manager Team, and Board of Directors Member. I had full profit and loss and responsibilities with management oversite that include product design and manufacturing as well as generating synergy with group companies. Leaving Fiber SenSys with increased growth and profits, I returned to Optex headquarters as the Head of Corporate Strategy Division with the goal of expanding Optex’s businesses by creating new opportunities through the internet of things (IoT) initiatives, mergers, and acquisitions (M&A), and strategically managing Optex’s Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio. I will try to use the skills and lessons learned to help our customers, employees, and Optex.

I was appointed as a Board Director of Optex Co., Ltd. in 2022.
Since joining Optex in 1991, I have been involved in various manufacturing-related activities and have led several projects, including overseas parts procurement, establishing a factory in China, and launching the ERP system. My efforts have helped set the foundation for various Optex manufacturing functions.
I moved to the business division in 2003 and later became the head of all domestic business sales, helping to establish and reform various domestic businesses. Currently, I am in charge of the Entrance Business Division, which focuses on growing Optex’s founding business. I remain grateful to all stakeholders and am dedicated to contributing to future development both within Optex and the industry as a whole.
I value the culture of continued growth and challenge through the adoption of the Optex Spirit that has been so carefully crafted since the company’s founding, and I look forward to furthering Optex’s tradition of inspiring society in various ways.

* As of March 18, 2022