Management Team

Toru Kamimura, President & CEO

I was appointed as the President & CEO of Optex Co., Ltd. in 2017.
After graduating from university I joined Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., where for 23 years I worked on developing new technologies and businesses in a wide range of fields using digital and communication technologies and systems. Then in 2006 I joined Optex, with the aim of fusing the knowledge I had acquired so far in information communication and digital technologies with Optex analog technologies to cultivate new fields.
I started working here as a manager of security and other mainstay Optex businesses, and in this role I assisted in making Optex the global leader in sensors for niche demand and a manufacturer of industry-first products and services around the world. I was also instrumental in facilitating M&As and strategic business alliances to ensure that Optex businesses continued to grow.
The company was quick to focus on the IoT industry, and recently we have been carving out new markets using Optex sensing technology as a data business.

Masahiko Shibata, Executive Director

I was appointed as Executive Director of Optex Co., Ltd. in 2017. I have overall responsibility for global sales and marketing, and in 2019 I was also placed in charge of the company’s finances, which is at the core of corporate management.In 2014, I was appointed as the Chairman of the EMEA Regional Headquarters to lead the company in strengthening our sales force, reorganizing sales routes, and developing strategies in growing markets.
During the roughly 30 years I have been working at Optex, including the time I served as President of Optex Incorporated in America, I have played a role in building the foundation of the outdoor sensor business, in which Optex currently has the world’s top market share, and opening up sales routes overseas for the security and automatic door businesses to facilitate their global expansion. In 1985, when I joined Optex, I was involved in setting up the company’s American subsidiary as its first overseas base.

Takashi Imai, Director

I was appointed as Director of Optex Co., Ltd. in 2017. I have overall responsibility for the business administration base including reforming the company’s global operations, and strengthening our supply chain, services, and support, as well as managing our technologies.
When I first joined Optex, I was in charge of developing production technologies and sensors for industrial equipment. I then worked on development in a range of business fields, during which I helped to build the company’s development and production systems.
For about a decade from 1999, I became a general manager and worked on development in the automatic door business. I played a role in the company’s successful development of new products, introduction of digital technologies, and realization of a more efficient development process. These efforts contributed to Optex businesses achieving remarkable growth, including securing top share in the domestic market and increasing market share overseas.
Since 2014, I have been taking the initiative in the development of many products in each of our businesses, and moving ahead with cross-sectional research and development, innovating product development, and introducing design management.

* As of January 1, 2019