Quality Tests

Optex conducts a range of product evaluation tests to ensure reliability, which is the definitive value of all products, and to achieve a level of performance that customers require. Optex sensors used in the outdoors are greatly affected every day by numerous events, such as rain and wind, temperature changes, lightning, and small animals.
Our sensors are becoming even more reliable as we clear each of these interfering factors. We conduct more than 150 usage-based product evaluation tests. Optex products are sold worldwide, so we have incorporated global standards into our products to conform with the laws, regulations and official standards of each country. This is one way we are striving to create products that customers around the world can use with peace of mind.

Our Own Evaluation Tests

We carry out on-site experiments to check if the sensing functions can work in a variety of environments and usage scenes, and we also recreate similar usage environments in which we conduct evaluation tests. The Optex competitive edge is being able to accurately assess the proper functioning of our products.

Tests in Heavy Snowfall

Snow falls in a variety of ways, from ordinary snowfall to blizzards and drifting snow that seems to swirl up from the road. At Optex, we test our products in the harsh natural environment of the outdoors, where they will actually be installed.

Tests in Fog

In order to check if our sensors will reliably detect humans even in fog where the visibility is poor, we carry out field tests in mountainous regions and evaluation tests in artificially created special environments.

Tests in Continuous Rainfall

Testing in natural environments are carried out under various conditions, and as a mandatory test for Optex sensors for outdoor installation. These include tests in continual rainfall that exceeds the observed record of daily rainfall, and when rain droplets attach to the equipment’s lens.

Human Detection Tests

In order to reliably detect humans—even with their diverse movements and characteristics, we carry out tests using all types of assumptions such as differences in the way people walk on the ground and turn around, and in their height, hair style and walking speed.

Durability Tests

We conduct a variety of tests for durability including limit tests, endurance tests and shock tests, so as to ensure Optex products can be used with assurance over the long term. These include continuity tests for products with ON/OFF switches, and severe “shock tests” that relentlessly apply a burden on the equipment in acts of vandalism.

Ball Tests

In addition to evaluating our products in natural environments, we also carry out tests using objects. One such performance test is to check that an automatic door doesn’t open even if a ball rolls in front of it.

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