Automatic Door

Providing Comfort and Safety at the Entrance of Facilities and Buildings

Automatic door sensors are essential for enhancing the safety and comfort of automatic doors by detecting and aligning with the particular features of the installation area, and with the movements of pedestrians passing by. At Optex, we are looking at how an automatic door should function, and working on developing more intelligent exit and entry sensors.
Since we became the first company to commercialize far infrared automatic door sensors, Optex has been meeting the safety standards of each country, and developing products that can create the most comfortable entrance environments possible at sites around the world where they are used. Optex sensors are used in all kinds of automatic doors including slide, swing and revolving types. These sensors have a wide range of applications from general automatic doors in buildings, factories, transportation facilities, and other public and commercial facilities, to large automatic shutters in plants and doors required for sanitary purposes at hospitals and other such places. We don’t just develop products at Optex; we also offer a comprehensive range of services from consulting to select the right product for your site, to installation of the selected products and follow-up maintenance.
In addition to our existing automatic door sensors, we are also developing products to create a safe, secure, and comfortable entrance, and leading the global market for entrance sensors.

Automatic Door Business