Personnel Development

Personnel Development

We value diversity at Optex, and our personnel comprise people with a variety of values and ways of thinking. Our work environment encourages free thinking with a global outlook, and fosters the sharing of ideas among employees.

  • We believe that a company is a place for self actualization, and the growth of an individual is linked to the growth of the company. The workplace is where many people spend a large part of their day. So to ensure it is a comfortable place where employees can work with peace of mind, in addition to complying with the relevant labor laws and regulations, we are carrying out initiatives to improve the workplace, facilitate the health of workers, and ensure safety and hygiene policies are in place.
  • All executives and employees at Optex are always adhering to laws and regulations, company rules and social norms and acting in a fair and honest manner, so as to gain trust from society and demonstrate a thorough practice of compliance to create a model corporate culture.

An Assortment of Systems for Personnel Development

Optex has a range of systems and initiatives in place to ensure each employee can work independently and creatively, and approach their work with pride and a sense of purpose.

  • Flextime system
  • “Pit Stop” system
  • Trainer system
  • Reemployment system
  • Telework
  • Internal recruitment system
  • Employment for people with disabilities
  • Childcare & nursing care leave system
  • Compliance