Turbidity Checker (Ultra Low Range)  TC Series

 Turbidity Checker (Ultra Low Range)  TC Series
  • TC-Mi[Display][Parts No. 05297]

90-degree detector.
Measure turbidity to four decimal places.
It enables you to monitor the quality of water which is good to drink or not.


For managers at beverage waterworks and water purification plants.
TC-Mi provides you with easy and accurate water quality management!

  • Easy installation
    The compact design containing a deforming enables you to install easily.
  • Maintenance cost reduction
    A LED light source eliminates the need for replacement.
    No need to use or replace dehumidifier.
  • High measurement accuracy
    The condensation prevention function maintains a stable measurement.
    Built-in deforming tank to remove air bubbles.
  • Water and dust resistance
    High waterproof and dustproof structure to various installation sites.




Flowmeter: TC-Mi-FL

Flowmeter: TC-Mi-FL

[Parts No. 05299]

Used to control the measured flow rate for turbidity measurement.

Please go to the support page to get the necessary files in PDF.

  • Specifications

  • Dimensions

Model TC-Mi
Measurement method Hephelometric 90-degree scattered light method
Light source LED
Measuring range Select from 0–2, 0–5, 0–20 and 0–100(NTU/FNU: Formazine standard solution)
Select from 0–2, 0–5 and 0–20
Display LCD Monitor
Display resoltion 0.0000–9.9999 NTU: 0.0001 NTU
10.000–100.00 NTU: 0.001 NTU
Output Analog (4–20 mA) signal Output : resistive load 300 Ω max.
Self-checking output : open collector (24 VDC 50 mA max.)
Signal output resolution 0.001 mA
Power supply voltage 24 VDC ±10%
Current consumpiton Normal: 100 mA max., During activation: 600 mA Max.
Digital communication MODBUS protocol(RS485)
TC-Mi protocol(RS485)
Measuring water flow rate 100 to 200 mL/min.
Measuring water temperature 0 to +40°C (unfrozen)
Ambient temperature -20 to +50°C, Humidity: 95%RH or less
Main material PPO, AES, SUS316L
Dimensions 259 (W) x 157 (H) x 147 (D) mm [10.20 (W) x 6.18 (H) x 5.79 (D) in]
Weight Approx. 2 kg (Approx. 4.41 lb)
Degree of protection IP65
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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