Water Quality Measurement

Simple Water Quality Monitoring and Easy Preventative Maintenance for Keeping Track of Water Environments

The demand for water is soaring around the world as the global population continues to grow, and with the economic development of emerging nations. There is also the serious problem of deteriorating water utilities and a shortage of engineering managers needed to ensure water quality. These circumstances have made the reuse of water and better water quality control urgent issues to address. Optex is tackling these issues as a supplier of water quality measuring instruments.
Optex developed the world’s first automatic measurement system to measure the transparency of water, and since then we have been providing equipment to support water quality inspection sites and assist with the measurement of water quality in natural environments, at water processing facilities, and in manufacturing processes. We have an extensive line up of measuring instruments to suit each application and stage of water processing, including for turbidity and transparency, as well as detectors for pH, residual chlorine, microparticles, and oil film. Optex products are used for the safety monitoring of water quality at municipalities and in a range of industries such as petrochemicals, automotive, semiconductor, food and pharmaceuticals.
We are also linking existing Optex water quality measuring instruments to separate systems for communications and monitoring, and working on developing a system for the overall maintenance and management of water safety.
This system will eliminate the need for patrol-style surveillance, and enable the early detection and early response to any irregularities in water quality using real-time monitoring. Optex is striving to make water quality monitoring more accessible to everyone, by launching a low-cost and low-maintenance water quality monitoring system in countries around the world.