Eliminating the Anxiety of Being in Dimly Lit Areas, and Providing People With Peace of Mind

Lighting is an indispensable part of life in modern society. Corporations and municipalities are becoming more serious about practicing environmental management, and households are also becoming increasingly conscious about saving energy. These trends have created a demand for lighting that can save energy while also providing a sense of safety. At Optex, we have noticed these trends and developed smart lighting for use outdoors, based on the concept of coordinating sensors to achieve “the right level of lighting at the right time.”
Existing outdoor sensor lights switch on when the sensors detect an intruder; these lights are used for security purposes to intimidate any outsiders trying to enter. We have combined our specialty sensing technology with LED lighting that can adjust the light distribution and illuminance to develop Optex outdoor lighting, which provides not only security but also an appropriate level of lighting for various scenes. Optex outdoor lighting provides just enough light for when people and vehicles are detected, and then dims the lighting to the minimum amount required when no one is around.
Lighting should not only save energy by using LED and dimming functions, but it also has an important role in eliminating the anxiety of being in dimly lit areas, and providing people with peace of mind.
For instance, during a disaster, having no lighting at emergency evacuation shelters and along evacuation routes can make people feel even more anxious and scared. Optex solar lights can be used as stand-alone outdoor lighting that can provide light for a long period of time, even when there is no power source available.
At Optex, we are continuing to work on developing lighting that will provide people with safety and peace of mind.