M&A is an important business strategy indispensable for strengthening and expanding our business fields, technologies, and sales channels, and for ensuring sustainable growth of the Company. Through M&A, we aim for high growth by creating synergy with aggressive investment in companies (businesses) that have strength in niche markets.

M&A Policy

Our acquisitions are not contingent on future sales, but rather our goal is to support and expand the growth of companies (businesses) that work with us to realize our corporate philosophy and purpose over the long term. We work closely with the wishes of all sellers’ shareholders, founders, and management, as much as possible, in hiring employees, continuing relationships with customers and business partners, and passing on the brand and corporate culture.

M&A Target Sectors

We are considering M&A opportunities in sectors related to our fields of business.

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Method of Corporate Valuation

We aim to present a valuation that is highly attractive to the seller’s shareholders, management, and the Company by using calculation methods commonly used in the M&A market, such as the DCF method, EBITDA multiple method, our proprietary valuation expertise, and incentives such as an earnout scheme.

Benefits of Joining the Optex Group

  1. Unique corporate culture that recognizes diversity and independence
    Realizing I.F.C.S., which is our corporate philosophy, is also a key concept in implementing M&A.
    We aim to grow together while respecting each other’s corporate culture, independence of management, and diversity.

    See “Corporate Philosophy” >

  2. Support backed by sound financial strength
    We are a corporate group listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market, and we maintain sufficient financial resources for business investment.
    Group Cash Management System enables us to meet cash needs for growth investment and working capital support.

  3. Creating Synergies Using Group Assets
    By creating a synergy that utilizes each other’s strengths and business assets, further growth can be expected after joining the Group.
     ・Collaboration of sensing technology and IoT technology
     ・Global expansion leveraging sites and sales channels in various countries around the world
     ・Sharing of IT infrastructure and supply chain management functions such as manufacturing, procurement, and logistics.

Thinking of selling your business or passing on your business?

If you are interested in discussing the sales of your business or the possibility of business collaboration, or if you are an M&A advisory firm, please contact us using the inquiry form below.

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