Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

We strive to incorporate the principles of I.F.C.S. into daily life as a creative organization.

Since we started our business in 1979, Optex has been developing products and services in our core technology of sensors and creating a range of innovations in the world, while referring to the Optex Management Philosophy as our guidance.
Optex employees are curious and driven to take on new challenges with a strong conviction and vision. The Optex corporate culture encourages employees to draw inspiration from each other’s varied values and different ways of thinking to look at society and its issues from a broad perspective, and help realize a better future and society.


The American psychologist Abraham Maslow described in his “hierarchy of needs” that the need to demonstrate one’s capabilities and potential and plot one’s growth is equivalent to the need for self actualization.
“We want workers to make full use of the company, where a large amount of their life is spent, as a place of self actualization.” This kind of wish a company has is one reason it respects the individuality of employees. Valuing each worker as an individual also means a company equally requires its employees to be independent, self-directed and mature people.

Optex Corporate Philosophy:Individual


Family is the micro society that surrounds an individual and the foundation of his or her life; in other words, it is a person’s “base camp.”The more stable the base camp is, the more able a person is to take on any challenge that awaits him or her. A sense of valuing consideration among family members, and supporting each other in times of need, are considered to be the basis of solidarity in an organization. Each individual is supported by his or her family, and so we want our employees to remember and appreciate this support, and work hard so they can also make their family happy.

Optex Corporate Philosophy:Family


A company is a place for self actualization, and a stage where a person’s dreams can be realized. However, there is more than just one player there. Many colleagues and friends also stand on this stage. Even though each person may demonstrate their individuality, unless there is harmony among all players, people may end up getting in each other’s way. Adults in society these days spend most of their waking hours working at their place of employment, so making that time enjoyable and exciting can lead to a happier life. By recognizing each other as an individual, sharing your goals, and working together to achieve them, you can experience even more happiness in your life.

Optex Corporate Philosophy:Company


At Optex, we find meaning in our continued existence in society in the usefulness and benefits that our products and services bring.
In aiming for the sanpo yoshi (three-way satisfaction) business philosophy of “good for seller (urite yoshi), good for buyer (kaite yoshi), good for society (seken yoshi),” which was proposed by top-tier merchants in the Edo and Meiji periods called omi shonin, the very point of remaining in business as a member of society is being able to realize “good for society.”Doing what we can to create a comfortable and affluent society is the ultimate purpose for Optex remaining in business and having a continued presence.

Optex Corporate Philosophy:Society


At Optex, our mission is to usher in a brighter future with a focus on helping to create safety, security, and comfort in societies around the world through the use of our sensing technology. We will continue to identify the potential needs and true issues of society, and propose ways to resolve them while delivering new value using our original ideas and reliable technical capabilities.


Corporate Philosophy

We strive to incorporate the principles of I.F.C.S. into daily life as a creative organization.





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