Industrial Door Sensors

Industrial Door Sensors

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OPTEX's mission is to build a better future by using sensing technology to create a safe, secure and comfortable global society. Since producing the world's first infrared automatic door sensors, OPTEX has continued to create products that conform to global safety standards and contribute to a welcoming entrance space in any environment.




The OPTEX Concept
OPTEX develops and manufactures a variety of sensors for safer and easier automatic door use. We’ve created four categories of sensors for a wide range of applications described below.

- Activation & Safety Sensors
This type of sensor combines the functions of activation, to operate automatic doors, and safety, to prevent pedestrians from getting caught by the door. OPTEX Activation and Safety Sensors include a Presence Detection area to detect people who have stopped near the threshold of the door. The use of an active infrared Activation and Safety Sensor provides additional safety around the door.

- Activation Sensors
Activation Sensors can be installed in a door transom or the ceiling to activate (operate) automatic doors by sensing approaching people or objects. OPTEX has an array of activation sensors, including sensors that use infrared or microwave technology. Take a look at the detection methods used in each sensor to decide which is best for your door environment.

- Threshold Safety Sensors
Safety sensors are designed to prevent pedestrians from getting caught by the door. OPTEX Safety Sensors include a failsafe mechanism that allows the door to open even if there is sensor damage, providing an additional level of safety to your automatic entry.

- Side Screen Safety Sensors
Side Screen Safety Sensors are placed at the rear end of the door to prevent collisions during the opening movement of the door. OPTEX Side Screen Safety Sensors incorporate the Presence Detection function to detect people who have stopped near the door.

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