Combination sensor OAM-EXPLORER

 Combination sensor OAM-EXPLORER

Mounting height : 2.0 m to 6.0 m

Color variations

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OPTEX will launch the OAM-EXPLORER as activation and supplemental safety sensor for industrial door applications. OPTEX optimizes the working environment by improving the safety and eco-efficiency of industrial doors used in factories and warehouses where forklifts and workers coexist, by applying the sensing technology cultivated in the global automatic door market.

High level of supplemental safety and workability

The OAM-EXPLORER is an infrared and microwave combination sensor designed for industrial door applications. By using the unique OPTEX presence detection technique, the OAM-EXPLORER provides both supplemental safety at the threshold of an industrial door and a large microwave activation detection area for forklifts and other vehicles.
The OAM-EXPLORER allows you to control external devices such as a strobe light or alert sounder for pre-caution purposes. A warning system for vehicles and pedestrians in the vicinity of the industrial doors can therefore be implemented with ease, contributing to the safety of those around the opening. The OAM-EXPLORER helps avoid accidents between vehicles or pedestrians coming from the opposite side.
Industrial door sensors need to meet fundamental performance requirements for all door types and applications. The OAM-EXPLORER facilitates and secures the flow of vehicles including forklifts and trucks and can also be programmed to sense and react to human traffic moving in and out of a building. Furthermore, the OAM-EXPLORER avoids unwanted door openings to contribute to increased efficientcy of temperature management and room separation where hygien is of concern.

Optimal installation flow

Once the OAM-EXPLORER is installed on the header or ceiling, further configuration and fine tuning are done via the free smart phone app. By registering your favorite settings you will be able easily load them into other sensors on site. This feature can be used in facilities that have multiple industrial doors, or in multiple different facilities where similarities exist. This saves setup time. By cutting down on the amount of ladder time we are reducing the burden placed on installers and creating a safer and more efficient work environment.

Superior usability and work efficiency

The OAM-EXPLORER was designed with an eye for simplicity, having absolute attention to detail, for example, unique cabling and fastening that will minimize the total amount of time for installation and adjustment. Furthermore, the new manual design allows for smooth independent angle settings with no tools. As a result, the total time of installation and adjustment will be halved when compared to conventional industrial door sensors.

Wireless transmission of approach information even remotely

The LINK-BT1 Wireless Dry Contact Converter is an option for the OAM-EXPLORER. The LINK-BT1 connects to the OAM-EXPLORER via Bluetooth LE wireless communication. The Bluetooth signal sent by the OAM-EXPLORER to the LINK-BT1 is converted to a relay output. With wireless connectivity, the LINK-BT1 brings safety to industrial environments with effortless installation and configuration.
Sites where cargo handling and transportation work is performed present a high risk of contact accidents between vehicles or between vehicles and people, so there is a need to improve the safety of transportation routes. The sensor responsible for activating the door detects when a person or vehicle is approaching the door and sends a signal to the wireless dry contact converter, and by activating the connected notification device, it is possible to call attention to the surroundings, helping prevent collisions and contact accidents, and supporting on-site safety measures.


Please go to the support page to get the necessary files in PDF and / or DXF.

  • Detection Area

  • Specifications

  • Dimensions

The chart shows the values at
Microwave: Depth angle 30°, Sensitivity Lv5, Sensitivity (Pre-notification) Lv9
AIR: Depth angle 0°, Sensitivity Lv5
Target: Vehicle
unit: m

AIR emitting area - mm
A 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000
B 260 390 520 650 780
C 690 1030 1370 1720 2060
D 890 1340 1790 2240 2680
E 1410 2110 2820 3520 4220
F 1920 2880 3840 4800 5760

* The actual detection area may vary depending on the ambient light, color/material of the object or floor as well as the entry speed of the object.

Color Black
Mounting height 2.0 m to 6.0 m (*1)
Transmitter frequency 24.2 GHz
Transmitter radiated power < 12.7 dBm
Detection area >See Manual (Web)
Detection method Microwave Doppler effect
Active infrared reflection (*2)
Depth angle adjustment Microwave area 0° to +50°
AIR area -15° to +40°
Power supply 12 to 24VAC ±10% (50 / 60Hz)
12 to 30VDC ±10%
Power consumption < 2.5 W (< 3.5 VA at AC)
Operation indicator Green: Stand-by
Red blinking: 1st row detection active
Red: 2nd row detection active
Orange: Microwave detection active
Orange blinking: Microwave detection active (Pre-notification)
Output hold time Approx. 0.5 sec. (Selectable via app)
Response time < 0.3 sec. (Selectable via app)
Operating temperature -35°C to +55°C
Operating humidity < 80%
Communication method Bluetooth LE
Activation output Form A relay
50 V 0.3 A Max. (Resistance load)
Supplemental safety output Form B relay
50 V 0.3 A Max. (Resistance load)
AUX output (*3) Form A relay
50 V 0.3 A Max. (Resistance load)
Protection degree IP65
Weight 600 g
Accessories 1 Operation manual
2 Mounting screws
1 Mounting template
1 Cable 10 m

*1 : A person can be detected at an installation height up to 4 m.
*2 : Active infrared reflection has a presence detection function.
*3 : The sensor can send an output to other devices such as a flashing light and alert sound.

  • The specifications herein are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements.

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