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In recent years, with the growth of the middle class in many countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region, Asian tourists have been traveling to countries all over the world in much greater numbers than before. With a greater demand for air travel, the massive and rapid investment in airport facilities throughout the region has been astounding. According to the “OAG Megahubs International Index 2018,” which was published by OAG, the world’s largest digital aviation data company, six of the top 20 spots in the global megahub rankings are held by airports in Asia-Pacific region. On top of this, the Asia-Pacific region is expecting the construction of over 350 new airports within the next ten years.

Strengthening Surveillance in Order to Protect Airports From Terrorism

Airports are the gateway to the skies, and a place where various people pass through. Security measures can be regarded as the most pressing issue for airports, which are beset with the ongoing danger of terrorist attacks.

Careful surveillance is also needed to keep criminals from crossing over national borders, and to prevent the illicit transportation of suspicious items, illegal narcotics, and so on. But an airport’s tremendous size makes it difficult to cover all areas effectively.

Airports can have an outer perimeter of as much as ten kilometers, and so even simple security measures with just fences and surveillance cameras require a large amount of materials to cover the whole area. But it’s not just the outer perimeter. Security measures are essential inside the airport, and not only security areas like boarding gates, immigration and passport control, and customs, but also at the entrances, in the shopping area, waiting areas, employees’ areas, and so on. Each one of these different areas requires special security measures appropriate to the scenario.



  • As a countermeasure against terrorist activities, it is necessary to strengthen security throughout the entirety of the airport facility
  • There is a necessity to carefully guard a wide area and perimeter over a long distance
  • In those areas where people come and go, it is necessary to prevent illegal crossing of national borders and transfer of goods, etc.

Guarding Fences and Areas Surrounding Airports Using Visual Verification

With laser sensors in such places as the airport’s perimeter, fuel storage spaces, and aircraft hangars, and optical fiber vibration detection sensors along the fence, the whole perimeter of the airport can be guarded without any blind spots. By linking up the sensors with the surveillance cameras, intruders can be detected all the sooner.

Fence around airport

Sensors Prevent Damage to Planes Docked in Aircraft Hangars

The aircraft hangars where planes are docked and stored often have very limited space, and skilled maneuvering is required just to keep the aircrafts from banging into the walls. Workers’ line of sight and vocal instruction are particularly important, but if they are inexperienced it can be difficult for them to communicate effectively, and resulting damage to aircraft is not an uncommon occurrence.

But by installing Optex’s laser sensors, this problem can be solved. When a plane approaches a dangerous area with a risk of colliding with a wall, the laser sensor emits an alarm to warn the worker.

aircraft hangar

Sensors on Watch for Throwing Back of Passports, etc. in the Immigration Passport Check Area

Sometimes people who have passed through the passport check will throw their passports (etc.) back to someone who hasn’t gone through yet. This is, of course, an illicit action. In order to spot this action and catch the delinquents responsible, installing laser sensors in the area before and after passport check has been found to be very effective. The sensors spot the throwing action, and capture it reliably.

 passport check

Sensors Spot Suspicious Individuals on the Slope Leading to the Boarding Gate Waiting Area

The boarding gate waiting area, where passengers hang around before boarding their flights. Because the entrance to this area is usually a stairway or sloping structure with a complex structure and a lot of blind spots, occasionally people can illegally pass into it while avoiding the ID checkpoint. The stairway/slope is an especially dangerous area that could even allow illicit access inside the aircraft. This poses a significant risk of terrorism, and so requires reliable detection.

To tackle this problem, Optex recommends installing laser sensors evenly along the slope/stairway space. This will not only allow for the detection of suspicious individuals but will also spot accidents such as children who fall over when playing, and so on.

Sensors Designed to Prevent Tailgating by Suspicious Individuals in the Staff-Only Areas

At airports even employees must pass through strict security checks. Fingerprint authentication, at the entrances to staff-only sectors, is one example of such a measure. But even with fingerprint identification, if one person passes the check and then another jumps in immediately behind them, there is a possibility of intrusion by unauthorized individuals into secure facilities.

This is called “tailgating,” and in order to prevent illegal entry by such tailgating we can install tailgating detection sensors in the employee corridors. Even if the people are directly touching each other, the sensors will detect that two or more human beings have passed through and will prevent the opening of the following door, encouraging them to go back the way they came and reliably keeping out suspicious intruders.

Sensors Detect Sneaking in Through the Baggage Claim Area

The baggage claim lane is a one-way corridor leading to the exit. But there are suspicious individuals who attempt to slip through the moment the automatic doors open and get into the area before baggage claim. Optex sensors can notice such actions. By instantly sounding an alarm or notifying the security guards, accidents and other problems can be prevented before they occur.

belt at baggage claim area


  • Allows for total security solutions throughout the entirety of the airport facility
  • Allows for not only limiting of labor costs but an increase in the level of security
  • Improving the level of security is an important contributing factor in cultivating a brand image for airports, which are particularly susceptible to international competition

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