This Isn’t Just a Surveillance Camera System

Outdoor Security Systems for Residential Buildings Scare Thieves Off Before the Crime Occurs

Surveillance camera systems (cameras and recording devices) are increasingly being used as crime-prevention measures not just at commercial facilities, but even in housing estates. In Japan, for example, roughly 90% of condominium complexes built in the last 10 years, and around half of rental apartment complexes, have such systems installed. With cameras set up in the entrances to places thieves are likely to target, such as parking lots and bicycle sheds, most such systems record still images or video footage. And with the recent boom in network technology, new systems that allow long-distance tracking on computers or smartphones are also gaining traction.

Is a Surveillance Camera System Really Enough to Keep You Safe?

A surveillance camera system can create a record of the moment a crime occurred by allowing us to go back in time and look at a still image or a piece of video footage that was caught at the time, and so is a critical tool in catching those responsible for crimes. But we need to ask ourselves an important question: is a surveillance camera system really enough to keep our homes safe? The most important part of preventing crime is to protect our families and possessions from home invaders. After the crime has occurred is already too late. What is really needed is a system that prevents intruders from entering in the first place, and if possible can drive them off. But what exactly is needed in order achieve this in reality?

Outdoor Security System: Safer, and More Secure

What is needed is to protect our families and possessions from home invaders and to prevent crimes before they happen. That’s exactly the kind of counter-crime measure Optex feels is most important.
Around the world, a growing number of private homes are installing security systems, not just inside but also on external walls and so on. Specifically, crime-prevention devices such as the following are installed.

  • Infrared sensors capable of detecting humans are installed on the outer perimeter of a house. Thieves can be detected the moment they try to sneak onto the grounds.
  • Passive sensors are installed around the outer walls and windows of buildings. The robber can be located before he breaks the window or lock.
  • If the sensors detect a robber, a notification is immediately sent to the security company, users, etc.
  • Sirens and strobe lamps installed outside the building can intimidate and frighten off robbers.
  • By combining with the surveillance camera system, a documentary image is recorded, and can be verified from a remote location.

Should we increase the number of surveillance cameras? Or should we go with an outdoor security system?

A home with a large number of surveillance cameras installed is clearly a home whose owner takes a high degree of care with regard to crime prevention, and that alone can often make a robber think twice before entering. But once the intruder has already crossed that line, does it really make a difference how many surveillance cameras are set up around the home? In most cases, robbers will have anticipated being caught on camera, and so will cover their faces. What they are more afraid of is not being caught on film, but loud alarms and sirens giving their presence away immediately. By installing a security system outside and combining it with the surveillance camera system, we can notice an intruder the moment he enters the grounds, and hopefully scare him off before he even gets up to the door.

Increasing the Level of Counter-Crime Measures Leads to an Increase in Property Value

By installing a sophisticated outdoor security system, we can not only grant peace of mind to residents but improve the value of the property as a piece of real estate. Safety and security are an important factor in raising property values, just as much as a good transport infrastructure and day-to-day convenience.

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