Parking Occupancy

In order to recognize occupancy of individual parking space, some sensing device has to be used there.

In Japanese market, generally ground loops are used to do it. However, it cost a lot to install it to each parking space.

OPTEX has a couple of solutions for this application.
Neither one uses the traditional ground loop, and they are easy to install it.

Case 1) EV charger application

By integrating the vehicle occupancy information obtained from the vehicle detection sensor with the EV charger, the following systems can be constructed.

- Possible to search occupancy of EV charging space in conjunction with the EV charging reservation system.
- Non-EVs that do not require charging can be alerted that the parking space is exclusively for EV charging by voice guidance, etc.
- Guidance on vehicle movement to EV drivers who have completed EV charging.

This can contribute to the efficient operation of EV chargers and the reduction of unauthorized parking.


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Case 2) Parking Occupancy Application

One of the easy solution for parking occupancy is to use OPS-01 series which uses wireless magnetometer technology and it could be install on ground. It is easy to install with 4 screws or some glue, also it is a battery driven device which lasts 5 years.

And each sensor on space talks wirelessly to a gateway which part number is OPS-01GW and it can change the state of relay to control a sign board for parking occupancy. Additionally it has a serial communication protocol to talk with other system.

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