Visualization of parking lots with ViiK Parking System utilizing NB-IoT

Naruto Otsuka Sports Park

  • Tokushima Prefecture, Japan
  • Personnel-saving
  • Fitness club, gym, sports facility
  • Parking-road

Naruto Otsuka Sports Park in Tokushima Prefecture is a comprehensive sports park with an athletics stadium. Congestion has become an issue that hinders the lives of neighboring residents.

Naruto Otsuka Sports Park

Naruto Otsuka Sports Park

Achieve visualization by linking ViiK Parking System and cloud services

In order to eliminate congestion around the facility, we decided to conduct a demonstration experiment of a web service that can visualize the parking situation in real time, and Optex's ViiK Parking System was adopted as the system to check the parking situation.

Reasons for choosing the ViiK Parking System

1. It is possible to check the presence status of each passenger compartment and it is easy to expand as necessary.
2. It can be retrofitted without requiring large-scale construction.
3. It is possible to freely select and build a higher-level system such as a communication method in cooperation with a higher-level system.

Install 99 wireless vehicle detection sensors

Vehicle presence information from the vehicle detection sensor installed in each cabin is sent to the cloud service through the gateway.
For operation on a large site like this time, we will build a system using the multi-function radio wave relay function.

Equipment installed at Naruto Otsuka Sports Park

- Wireless vehicle detection sensor OPS-01SS: 99 units
- Gateway OPS-01GW: 1 unit
- Multi-function OPS-01MF: 2 units

Gateway on the left, multifunction on the right

Gateway on the left, multifunction on the right

Visualization effect

If people who want to use the facility can be notified in advance of the usage status of the parking lot, the inflow of vehicles around the venue can be dispersed and the occurrence of traffic congestion can be expected to be reduced. In addition, since there are parking lots in multiple areas within the facility, guidance to vacant parking lots becomes smoother, and even in the operation of sports competitions, the number of personnel involved in guidance can be reduced and the convenience of visitors can be reduced. It leads to improvement of sex.

You can see the real-time parking status from the Otsuka Sports Park website below.
Go to Naruto Otsuka Sports Park website

System configuration

This system sends the vehicle presence information from Optex's ViiK Parking System to the "Tokushima IoT Platform" in Tokushima Prefecture via Softbank's NB-IoT, and visualizes the full-empty information with the web application of Japan System Development. It is the one that was done.

As a result, users can now check parking information in real time from smartphones and tablets.

We specialize in the construction and management of parking lots with stores, and propose parking lot operations and utilization to increase the number of customers visiting stores and store sales. Nishitetsu Store Reganet Meinohama store decided to introduce this system on the condition that it can be constructed with simple equipment configuration and simple construction and can be operated for several years with only batteries in order to minimize the introduction cost. Did. Immediately after the installation work, the sensor cover was trampled to the extent that tire marks were left on it, but it was operating normally without any problems, so I am relieved to know that the vehicle detection sensor has sufficient strength.

Project Participating Companies and Roles

Comapany name


Shikoku Construction Consultants Co.,Ltd

Coordination for trial operation

Optex Co., Ltd.

Providing a wireless full-empty management system

Nihon System Kaihatsu Co.,Ltd.

Development of communication unit program, development of visualization web screen

SoftBank Corp.

Provision of communication devices, technical support

Naruto Otsuka Sports Park

Naruto Otsuka Sports Park
Parking lot capacity (26 cars)
4-18-1 Meinohama, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka 819-0002

Shimai−61,Muyacho Tateiwa, Naruto,Tokushima 772-0017

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