Full-vacancy management solution that streamlines parking lot operation operations

Nishitetsu Store Reganet Meinohama

  • Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
  • Personnel-saving
  • Parking-road

Nishitetsu Store Reganet Meinohama is a supermarket with a condominium located about 10 minutes by train from downtown Fukuoka in Japan.

In order to meet the diverse needs of customers such as the increase in double-income households and growing health consciousness, we have grasped the needs of the times, such as strengthening the product lineup centered on "health" and setting up a direct vegetable corner to purchase from multiple production areas. Through product development and the creation of an environment that makes daily shopping enjoyable, we are providing a shopping space that matches the lifestyle that contributes to the affluent life of our customers and the development of the region.

Nishitetsu Store Reganet Meinohama

Difficulty for three parties (Condominium residents, shoppers, hourly rental users) to use one parking lot.

Due to the convenience of parking lot management, the contracted parking lot for condominium residents and shoppers use the same parking lot, and since it is located near the train station, it is also used as an hourly parking lot.

Due to the shape of the site, it is not possible to see the situation of the passenger compartment at the back of the parking lot from the entrance / exit of the parking lot.
Since it is not designed to allow people to walk around the parking lot, traffic jams and congestion tend to occur on evenings and weekends when there are many shoppers and on rainy days when the number of users increases.

Therefore, vehicles could not pass each other in the hall, and it was necessary to manually control traffic at the entrance and exit of the parking lot to prevent troubles and traffic jams.

At this facility, vehicle detection sensors are installed in 26 parking lots excluding the lots of condominium residents to transmit full-vacancy information in the parking lot real time and full-vacancy indicator is installed at the entrance of the parking lot. The availability of the parking lot was displayed with the full-vacancy indicator.

By installing a full-vacancy indicator at the entrance and exit of the parking lot, we have reduced the risk of trouble and congestion caused by shoppers and hourly rental users accidentally entering the parking lot.

Installation site : "空" on full-vacancy indicator shown on the upper picture means "vacant"

Comment from the store manager

Our store is a supermarket that operates mainly in Fukuoka and handles a wide range of fresh foods and daily necessities. We strive to operate the store comfortably for everyone, including customers who come to shop, neighbors, and residents of condominiums. We have introduced this system for the purpose of improving the service of customers who come to the parking lot for shopping or hourly rental. We hope that this will lead to the elimination of traffic congestion near the entrance and exit of the parking lot and the reduction of labor costs for guiding to vacant lots.

There is no need to bring in large heavy machinery for construction, and we were able to install it while operating the parking lot without setting up store holidays, so I feel that it was beneficial for our customers as well.

Comment from the designer/installer

We specialize in the construction and management of parking lots with stores, and propose parking lot operations and utilization to increase the number of customers visiting stores and store sales. Nishitetsu Store Reganet Meinohama store decided to introduce this system on the condition that it can be constructed with simple equipment configuration and simple construction and can be operated for several years with only batteries in order to minimize the introduction cost. Did. Immediately after the installation work, the sensor cover was trampled to the extent that tire marks were left on it, but it was operating normally without any problems, so I am relieved to know that the vehicle detection sensor has sufficient strength.

Nishitetsu Store Reganet Meinohama

Nishitetsu Store Reganet Meinohama
Parking lot capacity (26 cars)
4-18-1 Meinohama, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka 819-0002

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