Improving Customer Satisfaction by Providing Higher-Grade Customer Service Starting from the Parking Lot

Visitor notification, admission notification, welcome, improvement of customer satisfaction

Until now, the service industry has differentiated itself from competitors mainly by "product" and "price", but with the spread of EC sites and web services, "customer service" is emphasized in real stores.

There are various factors to improve "customer service", but since it is important to "get the customer's intentions faster" in customer service, it is effective to notify customers with the admission notification system.

First contact with customers determines corporate / store value

First contact with customers is important in all industries, and that impression often directly leads to the value of the company or store.

Most of the services that customers first receive are at the entrance and reception, but by receiving them earlier, it is possible to make a strong impression as a high-quality service.

For example, when you think of a first-class hotel or a luxury inn, many people think of picking up at a parking lot or smoothly transporting porters. Isn't this a typical example of how speedy and smart customer service is received as an irreplaceable and moving experience?

Hotel porter, pick-up, luggage transportation, customer satisfaction improvement

Achieve higher-grade "hospitality" with the admission notification system

Even if we know that customer service is important, there are many circumstances in which we cannot actually focus on it.

In response to the new coronavirus that has become prevalent in recent years, the implementation of infectious disease countermeasures has been added to normal operations, and more flexible store management is required according to the situation.

Due to this influence, the current situation is that many stores are having difficulty in providing services as before. The admission notification system reduces the work burden on employees and enables speedy and smart customer service support, thereby realizing a higher level of "hospitality" that is comparable to competitors.

Hospitality, inns, long-established stores, welcome, customer satisfaction improvement
  • The basic system configuration is a combination of a vehicle detection sensor and a controller (notifier), but we can make proposals that meet the needs of the installation environment and investment costs. If you have any questions about the admission notification system, please contact us from the "Contuct Information" below.

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