Optex Manufacturing (Design Philosophy)

At Optex, we are applying a range of sensing technologies to develop specific-use sensors to meet various needs around the world.
As Optex sensors are used for particular purposes, we consider their manufacturing and design to be important to ensure the performance, functions, cost and usability of our sensors suit the places where they will be installed and the people who will install them, as well as users and others. This is why we have been collecting and analyzing information from Optex employees and customers around the world, and using it to come up with ideas that we bring into form (katachi).
We are continuing to take on the challenges of manufacturing and design, so we can deliver to the world new products that capture the Optex spirit and incorporate ideas that require more than just technology to actualize.

Optex Manufacturing and Design

At Optex, in addition to our products’ excellent performance and functionality backed by proprietary technologies, we also focus on the users of these products and the environments where they will be installed. We strive to deliver a rich user experience, and so we endeavor to understand our customers and usage sites, and develop and manufacture products in a way that focuses on their essence.
Our aim is for all the products and services we launch worldwide to capture the unique spirit of Optex manufacturing and design. The way we design products at Optex is to deliver maximum value to all the people involved in their development—from providing customers with a satisfying product and enjoyable user experience, and developing a superior product the creators can be proud of, to ensuring we can confidently sell products that have been carefully thought out to the last detail.

Design Philosophy

Optex Katachi is a term we’ve coined to describe our approach to manufacturing at Optex, which is to produce products that are utterly reliable and unmistakably Optex. This design philosophy is also a manufacturing mindset that has been carried on since our inception, and it reflects our intention to value the past while venturing forward into the future.

「OPTEX Katachi

OPTEX Katachi Design Philosopy
OPTEX Katachi Design Philosopy-Through the eyes of the user
OPTEX Katachi Design Philosopy-Absolute attention to detail
OPTEX Katachi Design Philosopy-Designed to perfection
OPTEX Katachi Design Philosopy-Delivering the WOW factor
OPTEX Katachi Design Philosopy-Innovation, but with consistency

Our specific approach focused on Human-Centered Design (HCD)

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