Image-Recognition Sensor VVS-1

 Image-Recognition Sensor VVS-1
  • VVS-1(BL)

A New Sensing Solution. Image-Recognition Automatic Door Sensor.

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Improving the hospitality of automatic doors.
OPTEX’s VVS-1 embodies the perfect balance of safety and comfort.


VVS-1 Advantages

VVS-1 uses image technology to detect the walking speed and direction of those nearby, ensuring automatic doors open and close at just the right time for each walker. This allows not only for safe, comfortable passage through the doors but also helps improve energy efficiency through reductions in unnecessary openings/closings by keeping the automatic doors closed when pedestrians are merely crossing in front.

Energy-saving doors that do not open for cross traffic

Reducing the number of times the doors are opened unnecessarily allows for improved air conditioning efficiency by keeping the doors closed unless absolutely needed.

Safety and comfort through automatic door opening/closing according to the speed of walkers

VVS-1 is able to accurately recognize the speed at which someone approaches the automatic doors, allowing for faster or slower-than-usual openings for those walking. This ensures the optimum open timing for pedestrians and allows for safe, comfortable passage through the doors.

Area-Specific Image recognition area

*The images taken by this product are used only for the judgment processing performed inside this product and are deleted immediately after such processing.

Easy Verification of Energy Efficiency via Smartphone

Automatic doors with conventional sensors

The sensor directs the doors to open whenever a person enters the detection area, regardless of the direction.

Automatic doors with VVS-1

VVS-1 detects the direction of those in the detection area, preventing the doors from opening unnecessarily.

VVS eTracker

OPTEX’s dedicated smart device app is designed to allow VVS-1 users to compare the energy efficiency of doors equipped with VVS-1 and conventional automatic door sensors. Simply download the app to check effectiveness easily and at any time.

To download: Search for "VVS eTracker" in the App Store.

Download from the App Store
  • This exclusive smart device app is designed for use with VVS-1 systems.
  • Supported devices: iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches running iOS 8.0 or later.
  • The app is free to download. However, data charges may apply.
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  • Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and is used under license by OPTEX CO., LTD.

System Configuration

Image Recognition Area


Power Supply

Power Supply

24 V/15 W power supply
24 V/30 W power supply

Please go to the support page to get the necessary files in PDF and/or DXF.

  • Specifications

  • Dimensions

Model VVS-1(BL)
Cover color Black
Mounting height 2.2 to 4.2m (7'3" to 13'10") * Maximum height depends on the header sensor
Imega recognition area See Image recognition area
Detection method Image recognition (Vector focus method)
Power supply 24VDC (Dedicated power supply Rating input: 85 to 264VAC 1Φ Output voltage: 24VDC)
Power consumption < 5.5W
Output Activation output: Form A relay 50V 0.1 AMax. (Resistance load)
Safety output: See Operation manual of the header sensor
Output hold time Approx. 0.5sec.
Operating temperature -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
Operating humidity 30 to 85% (No condensation)
Operating illuminance 100 to 100,000 lx
LAN specification 10/100Base-T (X)
Communication method Bluetooth®4.1
Browser Internet Explorer 11, Chrome 55 or later recommended
Warm-up Approx. 30sec. from turming ON the power supply
Weight 560g (20oz)
Accessories 1 Cable 3m (9'11")
1 Mounting template
1 manual set (Operation manual, Web setting manual and App User guide)
1 Mounting plate
2 Mounting plate fixing screws
1 Header sensor fixing screw (Attached to the main body)
1 Protection seal set

* Pedestrian detection may become unstable due to ambient illuminance.
* The images taken by this product are used only for the judgment processing performed inside this product and are deleted immediately after such processing.

mm (inch)

  • The specifications herein are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements.

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