OPTEX's security laser scan sensor, the REDSCAN mini-Pro,
has won the Detektor International Award

The security laser scan sensor "REDSCAN mini-Pro" won the top prize in the ALARM & DETECTION category at the Detektor International Award 2023 held in Stockholm on October 24th.

This award, chosen from nominated security products worldwide, marks Optex's second top prize since the "REDSCAN Pro" in 2019.

About Detektor International Award

Detektor International Award was established in 2000 by the security industry magazine, Detektor International, with the aim of encouraging research and development in the field of security technology. The award recognizes and honors exceptional innovations and products that contribute to advancing the security industry.

"Please note that this award is not based on public applications, but is independently researched by the judges of the Detektor International Awards in security markets worldwide."

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About REDSCAN mini-Pro

Our high-performance laser scan sensor is capable of identifying "size," "distance from the sensor," and "speed." In its normal mode, it constructs a detection area of 20m x 20m with a single unit, enabling the creation of robust intrusion alert systems in both indoor and outdoor environments. Additionally, we have adopted newly developed infrared LED illumination technology and a Full HD camera, enhancing the usability of Optex's laser scan sensor series' visual confirmation function and making it applicable in a broader range of surveillance environments.

This award recognizes its design for achieving extremely fast and accurate detection under various weather conditions, demonstrating its capability to address the most challenging aspects of boundary surveillance applications.

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Optex excels in sensing technology that performs well in diverse and challenging environments worldwide, and has secured the world's No.1 share in the outdoor intrusion detection sensor market. Since the launch of the REDSCAN series in 2009, it has accumulated tens of thousands of adoptions both domestically and internationally.

Moving forward, we will not only focus on security applications but also actively address various social challenges, aiming to provide people worldwide with a comfortable and secure living environment.

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