Efficient traffic guidance for large facilities and store parking lots with a full-vacancy management system

The Hidden Success of Store Management Lies in the "Parking Lot"


The operation of roadside stores, parking lots with large shopping centers, and special parking lots at event venues is directly related to attracting customers. Depending on the terrain and location conditions, users may not know the availability of parking lots and may lose opportunities by giving up parking. In addition, the input of labor costs due to the placement of traffic guides in the parking lot is a heavy burden on store operations. OPTEX's full-vacancy management system automates parking lot management and achieves both user convenience and efficient parking lot management.

Management issues faced by free parking lots

In recent years, hourly parking lots such as coin parking have an increasing number of convenient services that allow you to grasp full-vacancy information in real time using smartphone apps and car navigation systems. On the other hand, free parking lots attached to roadside stores, large supermarkets, airports, amusement parks, commercial facilities, event venues, etc. are rarely equipped with full-vacancy display signs, let alone a search service for full-vacancy information.

Therefore, you may have had the experience of giving up parking or searching for vacant spaces in the parking lot for 5 to 10 minutes without knowing the availability of the parking lot.

There is a method of installing a buried sensor or camera to check the presence or absence of a vehicle, but the installation cost of the equipment is high and the parking lot cannot be used during the construction period, which is a big operational aspect. It will be a burden. As an alternative, we hire guides to guide vehicles, but in addition to the increase in operating costs due to labor costs, securing personnel has become an urgent issue.

Hard to break, reducing inspection and maintenance costs

The battery built into the sensor has a long life of about 5 years, has no driving part, and is sturdy enough to withstand loads up to 4 tons, enabling long-term maintenance-free operation.

It can be used outdoors / indoors, in various parking lots such as gravel, asphalt and concrete.

Reduction of labor costs for guides

Traffic guidance plays an important role in guiding vehicles to vacant spaces accurately and quickly, ensuring pedestrian safety, preventing contact accidents and traffic congestion. By introducing a full-vacancy management system, it is possible to reduce the number of guide staff.

* Calculated with reference to the labor unit price in 2019 shared by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan

Realize total parking information management with IoT

Optex's a full-vacancy management system makes it possible to build a comprehensive parking information management system using IoT by combining communication, cloud, and application technologies.

For example, a service that allows you to grasp the parking lot status and make advance reservations even from a remote location with full availability using an app on your smartphone or a web browser. Even if you don't go to the site, you can get information on the availability of parking lots from a remote location, which can contribute to alleviating traffic congestion in large-scale commercial facilities and around tourist spots.

In addition, we can provide useful marketing information for owners who operate parking lots, such as information on parking hours and busy hours.


  • Labor costs for traffic guides can be reduced
  • Increase parking lot occupancy rate
  • Understanding the availability of multiple parking lots
  • Smooth guidance to an empty space in a parking lot with poor visibility, which cannot be seen from near the entrance
  • Relieving congestion on roads around tourist spots and large commercial facilities

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