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Information acquired from sensors is an indispensable factor in industry, and awareness of the value of sensor data is growing exponentially. Optex can provide you with everything from the sensors themselves to sensor databases, leading to not only a speedy actualization of IoT business but an improvement in business quality.

For Optex, “IoT” Means “IoS”

IoT, as Optex envisions it, is really “IoS,” or “Internet of Sensing Solutions,” with sensors at its core. We feel that connecting the data output by sensors to a network will lead to the provision of added value and an expansion into previously unrealized applications. We began implementing this vision around 2013. By exploiting the strengths of Optex’s sensing technology—namely the establishment of a detection area, the sensing algorithms, the reduction of electricity consumption, the resistance to environmental factors, and so on—we are providing innovative solutions in a variety of fields, from security to environmental monitoring, facility management, and more.

The Importance of Sensors in IoT Business

Optex has been producing sensor systems intended for a variety of applications including security sensors capable of stable and reliable detection even in an outdoor environment, and we have the results to demonstrate our success in this area. Sensors are a key device in IoT business, and the following elements are important to their success. By attaining these goals, we can realize the provision of solutions and services of an extremely high standard.

Reliable Sensing Technology

In environments filled with numerous factors that may interfere with sensor-based detection, such as sunlight, plants, swaying curtains and radio waves, if the precision of the sensor is insufficient, the quality of the system as a whole will suffer. Optex has developed original sensing algorithms that ensure reliable and stable detection even in such environments.

Application-Based Sensor Equipment Development

Optex introduces sensors capable of accurate detection of the target, by incorporating not only knowledge of various sensor features found throughout the globe but also a comprehensive understanding of factors such as detection targets, installation environments, and applications. We can meet your requests and solve your problems with sensing technology, thus expanding your business’s scope and capabilities.

Smart Data Made Ever More Intelligent

Optex sensors transmit only the necessary data (smart data), which is created by filtering out unnecessary data from large amounts of sensor data to ensure only the essential data is transmitted. This allows you to receive usable data in real time, without the burden of complex analysis and interpretation.

Optex’s IoT Services

“Optex Sensor Connect” is an optical sensor and data provision solution we have developed, which brings together in one package the sensors that are important for IoT solutions, communication and databases, and can easily realize IoT business at low cost. Using data and ICT obtained from sensors, we are able to streamline operations, improve productivity, and establish creative new business models for various industries including those in the service sector. By utilizing these, in cooperation with our partner companies that actually operate them, we aim to solve the problems of society.

Optex Sensor Connect makes it easier to implement and operate IoT business.
Optex Sensor Connect makes it easier to implement and operate IoT business.
Sensing quality
High-precision sensing appropriate to each application
Smart data
Filtering the data so that only the necessary information is provided
Quick start
Providing the whole package: sensors, communication, and cloud service
Open platform
Selection of the optimal method to match the service contents

A Rich Lineup of Sensors and Other Devices That Are IoT-Ready

Optex offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor sensor devices suitable for whatever our customers need them for.

Human Detectors

Human Detectors

Status Detection Detectors

Status Detection Detectors

Object Detection Detectors

  • Simplifying parking lot management with vehicle detection
  • Package delivery control
Object Detection Detectors

Usage Applications

Optex can respond in various ways, from sensor terminals to service operation, according to your business situation and needs.
Optex will work with our partner companies to create and expand businesses that use IoT, to develop completely new businesses, and to create new and innovative systems.

Optimization of Logistics

By sensing the operation status of “smart” non-electronic delivery, we can notify of the arrival. This contributes to the comfort and convenience of both the delivery company and their customers. We will realize the reduction of the operation burden and the cost of transportation due to redelivery—both major hurdles for delivery services—and the assured receipt of service users.

Safe Driving

We can determine the behavior of drivers by using safe driving detection sensors attached to vehicles. We allow for the cloud-based accumulation of data on the number of times of smooth start and stop as well as on dangerous driving such as sudden braking, and sudden start. Not only will this decrease the number of traffic accidents, but it will facilitate smooth safe driving management.

Parking Lot Management

By linking vehicle detection sensors installed in the parking lot with the communication devices, we have built a mechanism to check the parked status (full or empty) of vehicles via the cloud. Vehicle management can be performed with minimal investment, without embedding loop coil sensors in the parking lot.

Equipment Monitoring and Safety

We can store data on the vibration and tilt of signboards collected from sensors attached to them. While utilizing the data, our partner companies will construct a “total life support service” for signboards, from daily remote monitoring to early maintenance planning, inspection work, and repair work.

Remote Image Monitoring

We can detect and remotely monitor intruders with sensors and surveillance cameras mounted outside and inside a building. We provide cloud-based video monitoring services that enable warning alerts and/or police dispatch requests depending on the situation.

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We use the optimal method to match the service contents of each of our “Optex Sensor Connect” customers. Accordingly, we have established close ties of partnership with IoT service providers.
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