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Getting Started With IoT

The Importance of IoT for B-to-B

When looking to incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT) in a business-to-business situation, it is important to note the potential advantages, including for management and on-site operations.

Iot for B2B business

IoT System Overview

Dividing the components into three categories makes it easy to understand what an IoT system is. To make the creation of the IoT system easier, components should be selected according to the on-site sensing target, the communication method, and the management method.


Balance — An Important Factor for Any IoT System

When building an IoT System, it is important to strike the right balance among What, When, How, and the budget. If the budget is limited when developing a large system, the development schedule will increase, and the services provided will be extremely expensive. To maintain an ideal balance, it is necessary to consider both the system configuration and the cost.

Thinking About What to Achieve Through IoT

However, simply saying a balance between the system and the budget is necessary can be a difficult starting point. For example, if the goal of the system is to notify the person in charge by e-mail of an in-house equipment error, the system details can be somewhat assumed. So the first step is considering what needs to be done and how.

Deciding How to Communicate With Sensors

Sensors must be selected according to the target and the installation environment, while the communication method must be selected according to the installation environment and the operation frequency.

IoT Systems From Optex

Simple Monitoring

Because there are so many options available when building an IoT system, deciding on the structure of the system and putting it in place can take time. At Optex, we are focused on improving the efficiency of existing operations and processes, so our IoT suggestions are based on simple monitoring methods that can be set up quickly with minimal investment.

Usage Applications (Solutions, Installation Examples)

Optex can respond to your business situation and needs in various ways, from sensor terminals to service operations. We will work to create and expand businesses that use IoT, to develop completely new businesses, and to create new and innovative systems.

IoT Sensors and Devices

Optex offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor sensor devices for various applications as well as converters and other devices that can be used for IoT immediately.

IoT Partners

IoT makes it possible to streamline operations, improve productivity, and establish creative new business models for various industries, including those in the service sector. Utilizing these advantages in cooperation with partner companies involved in the actual processes opens the door to solutions for various social problems.
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