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Suginami city is located at the western end of the 23 special wards of Tokyo, and aims to be a "safe and vibrant green residential city Suginami that supports each other." With regard to disasters related to the area, the purpose is to protect the lives, bodies and property of the inhabitants of the city by implementing preventive, disaster mitigation, emergency and restoration measures with the cooperation of the inhabitants of the city.

With changes in the natural environment, we are using data and digital technology to transform flood control activities and organizations, and are preparing for disasters that may come at any time in order to create a safe and secure town.

Underground sidewalk elevator entrance / exit of Iogi Station in Suginami

In 2019, OPTEX conducted a demonstration experiment with Suginami city using existing street lights. The purpose is to utilize it for promoting better town development by adopting IoT for street lights, and since this effect was verified, Suginami city will use Optex's simple flood monitoring system as a flood control activity in the event of a flood. It was installed at the entrance of the underground sidewalk elevator at Iogi Station.

Dangerous operation to look
around the site during heavy rain and strong winds

In Suginami city, the upper reaches of the Kanda River in the Arakawa River system flow, and there are three urban small and medium-sized rivers, including the Zenpukuji River and Myoshoji River, which are its tributaries. Since it flows through a residential area, when it rains heavily, the water flows into the river at once through sewer pipes, etc., and the river water level changes rapidly. Inland waters will occur if the amount of rainfall exceeds the capacity of the sewerage system, or if the water level of the river rises and it becomes impossible to drain water. In addition, if the flow capacity of the river is exceeded, water will overflow from the river and flood the river, causing inundation damage.

In this way, there are various causes for flood damage, and it was an urgent task to take measures to reduce flood damage after grasping regional issues.
Therefore, we have extracted in advance the points where flood damage has occurred in the past and the points that require special attention, and have carried out on-site patrols, installation of sandbags and submersible pumps in advance, and maintenance of necessary drainage facilities.

Road flooded by Typhoon No. 19 in October 2019

However, since it is not possible to grasp the information of the site in a remote location in real time, it was a very dangerous operation to look around the site in heavy rain and strong wind after the disaster and to carry out flood control activities at the place where the abnormality was confirmed.

In addition, although it is common to install network cameras that constantly monitor rivers, there are places where it is difficult to install network cameras on roads due to privacy issues and costs. In addition, due to the chronic labor shortage, improving work efficiency was an essential issue.

E-mail notification of flooding information to speed up and streamline flood control activities

Then, with the aim of implementing flood control activities quickly and efficiently, we installed our IoT wireless unit and flood sensor afterwards, and built a system that can notify the person in charge of patrols of flood information by e-mail.

System configuration of the solution

System configuration

Comment from Mr. Oda, Urban Development Department, Suginami City

With the introduction of this solution, it was possible to prioritize the points to be dealt with by being able to remotely grasp the flooding points. By simply sending a message of flooding information to the person in charge, we have achieved the goal of improving the efficiency of patrols.
It was easy to install and install, and it was easy to install because of its simple system and low cost.

Eventually, we will implement expansion such as linking with the map display service, and are considering expanding the service to the inhabitants of the city. We would like to continue to promote the introduction of budgeted IoT street lights and strengthen disaster-resistant urban development.

OPTEX is expected to be expandable so that various sensors (people flow, weather, environment, etc.) can be installed with a simple system.

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