Occupancy sensor

CPI series

Occupancy sensor  CPI series
  • CPI-E
  • CPI-E(WH)
  • CPI-U
  • CPI-U(WH)

Enocean ready and applicable to light and HVAC controls.
・Waterproof IPx5
・Disturbance immunity
・Rigid body 


No wiring, no battery replacement, free layout, and high degree of freedom

No battery replacement

No battery replacement

The sensor uses a hybrid power supply of solar and primary battery, eliminating the need for battery replacement.

It can be used simply by pasting it on a partition, glass, or wall.

It can be used simply by pasting it on a partition, glass, or wall.

Power is generated by pressing a switch, equipped with energy harvesting technology, achieving battery-less operation

High IP rate

We do not choose the setting place such as the sanitary surroundings and the terrace.
[About IP codes]


Disturbance immunity

Long years' engagement in sensing technology made Optex well known for its stability and durability among professional installers. Our performance criteria includes high immunity to extraordinary changes in light, wind, heat and radio conditions.

Wireless communication by open protocol

EnOcean is a "energy harvest" wireless protocol internationally prevailed especially in building automation industry.
It is unique in generating power by means of light, humidity and vibration.(ISO/IEC 14543-3-10)
Optex is an Alliance member of EnOcean.

EnOcean Alliance

Equipped with RFI protection function

We use unique technology that cancels various electromagnetic waves and the sensor does not malfunction.

Please go to the support page to get the necessary files in PDF and/or DXF.

  • Coverage

  • Specifications

  • Dimensions

Mounting position Ceiling (Indoor/Outdoor)
IP rate IPX5
Temperature range -10゚℃~50℃(+14℉〜+122℉)
Humidity limitation 95%(MAX)
Mounting equipment Mounting screws
Power source Hybrid  [Solar panel + Lithium battery (CR123A×1)]) ※1
Battery life (under 25℃) Approximately 10 years ※2
Wireless protocol EnOcean: 868MHz(EU) EEP A5-07-01 / 902MHz(US) EEP A5-07-01
Wireless range Approximately 25 meters (83.3ft) (in an openline of sight) ※3
Sensor Detection method Passive Infrared
Mounting height 2.0~3.0m(6.7-10ft)
Detection area 6 m(20ft) in diameter
Weight 180g (6.35oz) (including a CR123A battery)

※1 * CR123A is not included(Optional but required)
   * Operation in darkness. Solar battery automatically provided when available
※2 Battery life is subject to change depending on usage environment.
※3 Wireless range is subject to change depending on usage environment

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