Battery Operated Long Range Model : SL-QFR and QNR Series

 Battery Operated Long Range Model : SL-QFR and QNR Series
  • SL-350QFR[100m]
  • SL-350QNR[100m]

SL-350QFR : 4ch. Beam Frequencies Selectable Model
SL-350QNR : Standard Model

A less expensive and more efficient solution with SL-350QFR/SL-350QNR. Typical perimeter systems require expensive trenching or much time for installation. Expensive wire conduit runs and concrete work is unnecessary, allowing installers to save time and money.


  • Long distance 100 m / 350 ft.
  • Long battery life 4 to 10years
  • Wireless-Ready
  • Sniper viewfinder with 2X magnification
  • Weather protection IP65 Spacious back box
  • Spacious back box

Sniper view finder

[X2 MAGNIFICATION LENS] The new telescope lens has a high level of visibility for optical alignment work. Even over long distances, a perfect installation and stable performance can be achieved in a short period.

Long Battery Life


The SL-350QFR and SL-350QNR, our wireless ready, battery operated photoelectric detectors are designed to work with most manufacturer`s wireless transmitters, and the back box has enough space to accomodate them. They are easy deployable and adaptable to any control systems currently installed.


Please go to the support page to get the necessary files in PDF and/or DXF.

  • Specifications

  • Dimensions

Model SL-350QFR SL-350QNR
Maximum detection range 100 m / 350 ft.
Maximum arrival distance 1,000 m / 3,500 ft.
Detection method Quad infrared beam interruption detection
Selectable beam frequency 4 channels -
Interruption time Variable between 50/100/250/500 ms (4 steps)
Power source Recommend : 3.6 V, 13.0 Ah LSH20 lithium batteries manufactured by SAFT Operating range : 3.2 V - 4.0 V lithium batteries Transmitter : 2 or 4 units, Receiver : 2 or 4 units
Current draw (MAX) 745 µA, Transmitter : 420 µA + Receiver : 325 µA (at 25°C, 3.6 VDC)
Battery life * ** Transmitter : Approx. 4 years Receiver : Approx. 5 years
Output Alarm output Form C-Solid State Switch : 3.6 VDC, 0.01 A
Alarm period 2 sec (±1) (Nominal)
D.Q. output Form C-Solid State Switch : 3.6 VDC, 0.01 A (Receiver only)
Low battery output N.C. (mechanical switch) : 3.6 VDC, 0.01 A
Tamper output (cover, back box, main unit) N.C. (contact output) : 3.6 VDC, 0.01 A Opens when cover, main unit or back box is removed.
Indicator Alarm Indicator (Receiver) Alarm : ON Light receiving : OFF
Level indicator (Receiver) Not Light receiving : OFF Light receiving : Flickering or OFF
Power (Transmitter) Power ON : ON, Power OFF : OFF
Low battery output Voltage reduction : Flickering
Operating temperature -20°C to +60°C (-4 to 140°F)
Operating humidity 95% (max.)
Alignment angle ±90° Horizontal, ±10° Vertical
Dimension H x W x D mm (inch) : 452 (17.9) x 83 (3.3) x 138 (5.4)
Weight Approx. 3,300 g (Total weight of Transmitter + Receiver, excluding accessories)
International protection IP65

* The value is based on the condition that it is used within the ambient temperature range of 20 to 25°C. (LSH-20 x2 pcs)
** Using batteries other than those recommended may shorten the battery life.

– Specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice.



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