Battery Operated Short Range Model : AX-TFR Series

 Battery Operated Short Range Model : AX-TFR Series
  • AX-100TFR[30m]
  • AX-200TFR[60m]

The AX-100/200TFR series is a "REVOLUTION" in the perimeter security industry,offering a significant cost saving alternative to a traditional hardwired system.


  • Long battery life
    AX-100TFR: approx. 5 years
    AX-200TFR: approx. 3 years
    Battery life of AX-200TFR receiver is approx.5years
  • Easy battery replacement
  • Triple tamper functions
  • Low battery output and LED indication
  • Intermittent output function
  • Compatible with numerous wireless transmitters
  • Battery saving timer function for wireless transmitters


AX-TFR series, our wireless ready, battery operated photoelectric detectors are designed to work with most manufacturer`s wireless transmitters, and the back box has enough space to accomodate them. They are easy deployable and adaptable to any control systems currently installed.


Please go to the support page to get the necessary files in PDF and/or DXF.

  • Ranges

  • Specifications

  • Dimensions

Model AX-100TFR AX-200TFR
Maximum detection range 30 m 60 m
Maximum arrival range 265 m 530 m
Detection method Infrared beam interruption detection
Selectable beam frequencies 4 channel
Interruption period Selectable between 50, 100, 250, and 500 msec.
Power supply 3.6 V 13.0 Ah: LSH20 lithium batteries manufactured by SAFT (not included) Transmitter: 2 units Receiver: 2 units
Current consumption (transmitter + receiver) 620 µA T : 300 µA + R : 320 µA (at 25°C, 3.6 VDC) 810 µA T : 490 µA + R : 320 µA (at 25°C, 3.6 VDC)
Battery life Transmitter 5 years 3 years
Receiver 5 years
Alarm output Form C-Solid State Switch: 3.6 VDC, 0.01 A
Alarm period 2 sec. (±1) nominal
D.Q. output Form A/B-Solid State Switch : 3.6 VDC, 0.01 A
Low battery output Form A/B-Solid State Switch : 3.6 VDC, 0.01 A (Transmitter & Receiver)
Tamper output for Front cover Form C : 3.6 VDC, 0.01 A activates when cover removed. (Receiver only)
Alarm Indicator(Receiver) (1) Light on - IR Beam not received. (2) Flickering Light - IR Beams not received sufficiently. (3) Light off - IR Beams received.
Power (Transmitter) Power ON : ON, Power OFF : OFF
Low battery Voltage Reduction: flicker
Tamper output for Back box Form C : 3.6 VDC, 0.01 A activates when either back box or chassis is removed from the installment.
Operating temperature -20°C – +60°C (-4°F – +140°F)
Environmental humidity 95% max.
Alignment angle ±90° Horizontal, ±5° Vertical
Mounting Indoor/Outdoor, Wall/Pole/Tower mounting (Optional main unit mounting brackets are required, when the units mount in the tower.)
Weight (transmitter+receiver) 1,600 g (56.5 oz.) (Total weight of transmitter + receiver,excluding accessories)
International protection IP55

* Specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice.



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