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Global safety and security with innovative automatic door sensors

In 1980, we were the first company in the world to apply active infrared technology to automatic door sensors. The predominant automatic door sensor at the time was the floor mat sensor, which activated when a person stepped on it. These sensors had a short life and due to constant trampling its replacement was required. The active infrared sensor solved this problem because there is no physical contact required for detection. Its durability and innovative conceptualization led OPTEX sensors to dominate markets around the world soon after their release.

The concern about crime has been rising worldwide for many years. The door is naturally positioned as the boundary between the inside and outside of a building. OPTEX believes that the door should not only open and close, but should evolve into a security-focused object to control people entering and leaving buildings.

For the future, OPTEX is working to further develop sensors with further added value with the dependability that is the hallmark of OPTEX products. At the first stage in developing the security door, our focus was creating an automatic door environment with sensors to offer convenience when opening and closing doors. We are now in the next stage of door evolution, working on an automatic door environment for total risk management solutions. We expect our modern door system to create a wide demand around the world. It will herald the opening of the “entrance control market” that will contribute to industry and social systems.

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