Anti-tailgating system


Anti-tailgating system ACCURANCE OV-102
  • accutance_ov102
  • OV-102S(E)[Camera]
  • OV-102CB(E)[Control box]


Enables highly flexible system construction that responds to the needs of various situations.

This series proposes various levels of action taken in case of tailgating, including “alert/deterrence,” “deterrence/simplified prevention” and “prevention,” according to the security levels customers demand and the situation.
This product offers various advanced features, including the Escort Function, which allows entry of a visitor who does not have the authorized credentials needed to enter the secured area, and the external output of images obtained by a detection unit.

Accurance OV-102 fits various applications by security level of area or zoning.

Proprietary human tracking technology and vector focusing method

Human detection by image recognition

Our technology enables recognition and tracking of persons who appear in the image at high speed and with a high degree of accuracy. Vector information on the shape of a person is calculated, based on which the presence of a person is recognized.

Equipped with direction-determining capability, enabling a wide range of applications

Users can choose necessary functions, according to applications.
These include the detection of persons moving in a given direction (access control/head counting), detection of persons staying in a specific area (access control), and multidirectional measurements (head counting/grasp of traffic flow).

Responds to various installation environments

Installation environments vary in terms of layout, type of doors, and illumination arrangements.
The OV-102 Series features highly flexible area settings and a “door cancel” function, enabling consumers to construct a security system without constraints.

  • Door cancel function
    Ignore door movement on installation side of detection unit.
  • Workability
    Install on existing door
  • Detection area adjustability
    Detection area can be adjusted after installation of detection unit.
  • Sensitivity adjustability
    Sensitivity can be adjusted after installation

System scalability

  • WEB browser setting
    Setting can be adjusted by WEB browser through LAN.
    (No special set - up software required)

  • Stable performance for Illuminance change
    Operating illuminance.10 to 20,000 lux
System configuration
System configuration

Basic scenario

Tailgating entry

Generate output when unauthorized person follows authorized person and pass detection line A(pink line) -> detection line B(blue line) in order.

  • Another set of the system is required for two way entry.

Cross entry

Generate output for unauthorized person entry when authorized person exits.

Multiple detection

Generate multiple detection output when multiple people stay in the detection area.

Detection area chart

Please go to the support page to get the necessary files in PDF and/or DXF.

  • Specifications

  • Dimensions

Detection Method Vector Focusing Method  
Detection Accuracy > 95% (by own criteria)  
Supply Voltage Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3 af  
Warm-up time Approx. 45 sec.  
Power Consumption Control box 10 W max.  
Detection unit 10 W max.
Indicator Control box Green Power, Authorization, Normal entry (lit)
Red Tailgating (lit) / Multiple detections (blinking)
Green / Red Warm-up (lit) / Trouble (blinking) / Communication trouble (alternative blinking)
Detection unit Green Power (lit) / Normal entry (blinking)
Red Tailgating (lit) / Multiple detections (blinking)
Orange Warm-up (lit) / Trouble (blinking)
Green / Red Communication trouble (alternative blinking)
Dimensions Control box 265 x 135 x 31 mm (W × H × D)
Detection unit 193 x 85 x 34 mm (W × H × D)
Weight Control box 800g  
Detection unit 220g
Operating Temperature 0~50℃  
Operating Humidity only under no condensation < 80% RH only under no condensation
Operating Illuminance only the outline of an object is shown 100~20,000lx ※1 only the outline of an object is shown
Applicable Door Type Manual Swing Door/Automatic Slide Door  
Installation location Control box Wall / stationary Interior only
Detection unit Ceiling Interior only
Mounting Height Detection unit 2.5 to 4.0 m ※2 It may be limited by environmental conditions.
LAN wiring CAT5e or larger 100 m max. in length
Ethernet 100Base-T(X) Protocol : TCP/UDP(IPv4), ARP, ICMP or HTTP
Input terminal ※3 Authorization N.O./N.C. no voltage  
Wiegand 26/37bit
Door open N.O./N.C. no voltage Use supplied magnet switch when disable to get
Door locked  
Disable output ※4 le Tailgating①,② and Multiple detections
Output reset Stop the output of Tailgating ① and ②
Output terminal ※3 Tailgating① MOS FET relay N.O./N.C. no voltage 30 V DC 0.2 A or less (Resistibility load) Variable timer 0.2 to infinity
Tailgating② Variable timer 0.2 to infinity
Normal entry Pulse output for every entry
Number of pass One shot/Timer switching
Unlock command Pulse output for authorization
Authorization number Pulse output for authorization
Multiple detections Continuous output during multiple detections ※5
Error Output when disable to detect

※1 OV-102 always requires 100 lux or more.
※2 Maximum width of door opening is 2 m when mounting at 2.5 m high.
※3 Input/output relays can be selected N.O./N.C. by the dipswitch.
※4 “Disable output” is recommended to use for an entrance with carriage or luggage. They may make a false detection.
※5 Multiple detections must be ON by the dipswitch settings.

The images taken by this product are used only for the judgment processing performed inside this product
and are deleted immediately after such processing.

Camera(Detection unit) OV-102S(E)

Control box

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