Optex Awarded an A- Rating from CDP’s Climate Change Survey

Optex received an A- rating from CDP’s climate change survey. This is considered a leadership-level rating.

CDP is an international non-profit organization headquartered in London that collects and analyzes information on the environmental activities of the world’s leading companies and scores their efforts on an eight-point scale: A or A- for leadership-level, B or B- for management-level, C or C- for awareness-level, and D or D- for disclosure-level. Based on its responses to the climate change questionnaire, Optex received a leadership-level A- rating—an improvement over the B rating it received last year.

Optex established medium-term climate change action targets for 2025 and 2030 to promote reductions in CO2 emissions and to reduce environmental impacts throughout its entire supply chain. Optex is dedicated to active engagement in the fight against climate change, including through information disclosure, while also actively working toward the creation of a sustainable society.

For more information on Optex’s initiatives toward climate change, please click the following link.