Introducing the REDSCAN mini-Pro Security Sensor

Featuring Newly Developed Infrared LED Lighting Technology for Clear Nighttime Video

Optex Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, President & CEO: Toru Kamimura, hereinafter “Optex”) will launch the REDSCAN mini-Pro (hereinafter the “product”) in Japan on September 20, 2023.

The product is a high-performance laser scan sensor that can identify an object’s size, distance from the sensor, and speed. In normal mode, a single sensor can be used to cover a 20 × 20 m detection area, ensuring a robust intrusion alert system for both indoor and outdoor environments. Adopting newly developed infrared LED lighting technology* and a full-HD camera, Optex’s latest laser scan sensor offers improved video-based confirmation functionality for increased ease of use and greater usability in various environments.

  • Patent pending. Available only on the RLS-2020V.
Product image
RLS-2020V (camera-equipped model)
Installation example image
RLS-2020A (privacy-focused model with no camera)

Optex’s laser scan sensors

The boldness of physical crimes is increasing every year. There have even been numerous cases overseas of intruders breaking into buildings by drilling holes into roofs and basements. As such, sensors capable of warning property owners by establishing protected areas either indoors or outdoors—not limited to just service entrances and windows—are becoming increasingly necessary.

Since their introduction in 2009, Optex’s laser scan sensors have proven essential in various facilities such as power plants and data centers. Each sensor series has received high praise for its advanced detection performance. Optex has also received numerous security product awards for its laser scan sensors in Europe, the U.S., the Middle East, and elsewhere.

REDSCAN Series application and protection area examples
Building rooftops and floor protection
Data centers, energy-related facilities
Perimeter protection
Large warehouses, distribution centers
Facility protection
Airports, ports

Product features

1. Flexible detection area setting
Take advantage of precise intruder locating with the ability to output alarm signals to security systems. Exclusion areas can also be configured to divide large detection areas according to importance. Alerts can also be limited only to objects within the specified area.

2. Dynamic event filtering (directional differentiation)
The sensor can determine which direction people are moving. For example, the sensor can be used to set up a system that detects and outputs an alert for people entering a facility but not for those leaving the facility. Alarms can also be configured to take into consideration how long individuals spend in an area.

3. Video (RLS-2020V) or image (RLS-2020A) recording
The built-in full-HD camera can record up to 500 video events following an alarm. Videos can also be managed remotely. For models with no camera, the sensor instead records an image showing the intruder’s location on a pre-registered image.

Example image from camera video
Example image from camera video (RLS-2020V)
Position display on pre-registered image
Position display on pre-registered image (RLS-2020A with no camera)

4. Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) support
The sensor can be easily integrated into a variety of alert, management, and monitoring systems.

5. Newly developed infrared LED lighting technology for nighttime video (RLS-2020V; patent pending)
The infrared LED lighting used for capturing video at night and in dark environments includes a proprietary adjustment function.

This function automatically adjusts the amount of infrared lighting according to the intruder’s position, with stronger lighting used for objects farther away, and weaker lighting for objects closer by. This helps reduce glare for capturing clearer video.

Boasting the world’s leading share of the outdoor intrusion detection sensor market, Optex is dedicated to providing sensing technology that performs well in diverse and harsh environments around the world. Since its debut in 2009, the REDSCAN Series has been introduced in tens of thousands of locations both in Japan and overseas.

Optex will continue to solve all kinds of social issues—including preventing crime—to provide safe, secure, and comfortable lives to people all over the world.

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