Optex Launches a New IoT Wireless Unit Compatible with LTE-M

Optex Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, President & CEO: Toru Kamimura, hereinafter “Optex”) has launched the Multi-Converter OWU-300M Series IoT wireless units (hereinafter “Multi-Converter”), which use LTE-Cat M1*1 as their communication standard on June 28, 2022.

Optex’s IoT wireless units make IoT possible by simply connecting existing sensors and switches, allowing for simple monitoring of sensor data and operational status from remote locations.

Multi-Converter OWU-310M/300M
IPX5 for use outdoors 
flood sensor
Make various existing sensors IoT compatible
The photo shows a flood sensor

Background of the development

Optex has previously rolled out IoT wireless units equipped with LPWA*2 communications, to help address issues with aging of facilities and the intensification of disasters that are occurring across Japan. These units have helped users eliminate labor shortages and provide early responses based on simple remote monitoring. However, communication standards are changing, with standards such as 3G, which was widely used for equipment monitoring, being phased out.

Therefore, we have developed a new wireless unit compatible with LTE-M to meet the need to replace 3G, and to expand IoT solutions in locations where communication was difficult with our existing products.

Features of the Multi-Converter

In addition to supporting a wider range of communication by adopting LTE-M, the Multi-Converter also supports contact point inputs that are 4–20 mA or 0–5 V. Its specifications meet the precise demands of onsite installations, such as allowing simultaneous connection of three channels.

The unit can switch between battery power and external power, and can be used for extended periods of about 10 years without replacement when powered by battery (assuming transmission twice a day). In addition, it is equipped with an event-driven function and can temporarily transmit information at short intervals in situations where the status is constantly changing, such as during intense heavy rainfall.

Sensor Connection image

Product specifications


OWU-310M (built-in antenna type),OWU-300M (external antenna type)

Communication method

LTE Cat M1

Power supply

OWU-300M Series dedicated battery (sold separately) or 12–24 VDC

Estimated battery life

Approx. 10 years (assuming transmission twice a day, 25°C environment)

Installation location

Indoor and outdoor wall mounting/pole mounting

Operating temperature and humidity range

Temperature: −20 to 60°C Relative humidity: 85% or less

Protection degree


Outer dimensions

W102 × H194.5 × D42 mm (excluding protrusions)


OWU-310M: 350 g (device only),OWU-300M: 370 g (device only)

  • *1: LTE Cat M: Communication standard that utilizes some frequency bands of high-speed LTE.
  • *2: LPWA (low-power wide-area) communication: A wireless communications technology that makes it possible to communicate over long distances using a small amount of power.

Optex will continue to solve all kinds of social issues through its business with sensors and help to provide safe, secure, and comfortable lives to people all over the world.

  • Multi-Converter OWU-310M/300M designed for Japan market.

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