2020 President’s New Year Greeting

Kicking Off the New Medium-Term Management Plan 2022

- Focusing on Prioritizing, Making Quick Decisions, Concentrating and Acting, and Achieving Plans -

The following is a summary of the New Year Greeting given to employees by the President & CEO of Optex Co., Ltd., Toru Kamimura, at the company on January 6, 2020.

Happy new year to everybody. Weather was fine during the holidays. I believe you enjoyed it and refresh yourself.

Under slogan [To be a Company who create Global No.1 Successively by Sensing & Solution for Specified Applications!], our company start with new mid-term business plan. I assume there will be various unexpected matters in this year, too, therefore, it is important to execute measures steadily under the mid-term management policy. This is the 1st year. We want to take strong steps towards our goal by all of us as a team.

We raise 4 kinds of mid-term management policy as below.

Speed & Management as a Team
We will always & perfectly make Priority, Quick Decision, Concentration, Action & Achievement of the plan to All cases. For this, we need active discussion in/among teams and group in order to challenge and achieve our goal all together as a team.

Productivity Improvement
We will improve our productivity by developing intensively our global management infrastructures – utilizing IT, SCM, digital marketing, quality improvement, improvement of our profit structure. Productivity improvement will give us more room – for new product R&D, launching new business, higher efficiency and we will be able to concentrate principle tasks for higher competitiveness.

Reformation of Core Business (Security, Automatic Door and Shutter), Establishment of No. 3, 4 Business
Not only our legacy business to sell products, we will need to develop new business models to respond to market changes. For our core business – security and entrance door & shutter, we have already proceeded with themes to establish solution providing business model. We also plan to grow environmental business (NSS) and vehicle detection system business (VDS) to make them new core business in order to highly contribute to mid-term business plan achievement.
We will also increase contacts with the market and end customers and reform/improve sales and marketing activities.

Human Resource Development and provide Environment for it
We will provide company environment and opportunities to make global human resources, to grow next generation as well as skill-up, skill succession and skill changes. You are requested to go forward for your own grown-up and to contribute to business growth.

For Optex, 2020 shall be the big turning point year. All of us will do the best together to make it the year of full cheerful topics.

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