2019 President’s New Year Greeting

Pursuing Speedy Management

- Focusing on Prioritizing, Making Quick Decisions, Concentrating and Acting, and Achieving Plans -

The following is a summary of the New Year Greeting given to employees by the President & CEO of Optex Co., Ltd., Toru Kamimura, at the company on January 7, 2019.

Happy New Year! I believe you took good rests and refreshed yourself during the holidays.

Looking back at the global economy and political situation in 2018, it was a year of intensifying trade friction between the U.S. and China, and rising nationalism and self interest. Meanwhile in Japan, there were a succession of natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, and severe rainfall, and scandals involving well-known companies that have led to a loss of trust in corporations. 2019 will likely also be a year of uncertainty and unforeseen events. I believe it is important that at Optex, we continue to closely watch movements in Japan and overseas, while steadily moving forward with the plans and measures outlined in the Medium-term Management Policy.
Since 2017, Optex have been establishing [Speedy Management] as our on-going target. In our environment, new services and new business are being created extremely powerfully due to ICT revolution and wide-spreading globalization. There are many kinds of, and unpredicted big changes. [Speedy Management] is essential to make them as new opportunities for us. For this, we always bear in mind to put [priority] for all of our activities, to make quick [decision], to [concentrate], to [achieve] the plan, and continue challenges towards our goal. I want all of you to keep this relief.
We also promote 4 subjects in 2019, [Strengthening our Strength], [New Domain Development], [Revolution of Business] and [Strengthening Management Resources]. Practically;

  1. We focus our management resources to our core business, namely Security and Entrance business. And, we challenge for new specified applications as well as R&D of competitive products.
  2. We will develop our Environmental Business as our core business in next generation. It includes strengthening sales forces by alliances with our partnership companies and expansion of business domains.
  3. We will promote new business models such as System Solutions, Services/Subscription business with recurring revenue.
  4. For purpose of operation reformation on global basis and visualization of management status, we will introduce new ERP system, promote quality management improvement to remove origins of problems and strengthening human resource system to have more people to grow up to take active roles.

I wish to increase communication and discussion with you and make 2019 a year of challenges with speedy operations. Be one team, and let’s do the best vividly!

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