Optex is striving to be a company that brings satisfaction to all stakeholders (customers, shareholders, employees, etc.) by raising our brand value through our people, technologies, products, and services. The Optex logo mark and brand statement are the embodiment of our corporate attitude and way of thinking.

Company Logo

The elliptical-shaped Optex logo mark expresses the spirit of our company. The vertical lines running from left represent, in order, “creating, growing, establishing yourself, outsourcing, and being comfortable,” while the horizontal line means “dreaming.” All of the lines form an elliptical shape, which represents these elements coming together in “harmony.”
Creating, Growing, Establishing yourself, Outsourcing, Being comfortable, Dreaming

 Optex company logo

Optex Spirit

These six mindsets of Optex employees form the Optex Spirit that everyone at our company has within them, and that we draw on as we continue to take on new challenges and realize solutions to issues in industrial development, technological innovation, and diversifying needs.

  • Creating:First, think things through yourself. This is the key to creating added value.
  • Growing up:We expect that OPTEX will serve as a place where individuals can mature.
  • Establishing yourself:We are group of independent individuals and do not permit hangers on.
  • Outsourcing:Hand off work to specialists when necessary to achieve a synergistic effect.
  • Being comfortable:Always working on the edge prevents creativity.
  • Dreaming:Everything beings with dreams, which are the motivation for all action.

Brand Statement

The Optex Brand Statement is an abstract expression of our management philosophy. “Sensing” refers to creating an abundant future with a focus on realizing safety, security, and comfort in society through the use of sensing technology, while “Innovation” is creating new value.These are the intentions embodied in the Optex Brand Statement.

Sensing Innovation