OPTEX in Figure

Number of Bases

Optex is able to meet the specific on-site needs of customers with our seamless global network.

Sales Regions

Optex conducts business in over 80 countries around the world, and our diverse range of products and services are used with reassurance by people worldwide.

Sales Ratio

Optex has been striving to secure a share of the global market since we started our business, and the European market accounts for a high percentage of our sales.

Annual Production Output

Optex is steadily manufacturing and supplying products for industries and systems in societies worldwide.

Number of Products in Use

Optex products are being used in all types of situations in societies and industries around the world, where they are continuing to provide people with safety, security, and comfort.

Number of Patents and Design Registrations (2020)

Optex is generating innovation and operating businesses that create value for our customers.

Number of Laws, Regulations, and Standards Our Products Comply With

Optex has a thorough knowledge of the cultures and business customs of countries and industries worldwide, and our products conform to over 200 types of laws, regulations, and standards.

Market Share

Optex has carved out niche markets for special applications, and acquired a leading share of the global niche market.


Outdoor security sensors

Surveillance cameralightings

Automatic Doors

Automatic door sensors

Store Management

People counting system