Stories - Innovations & Challenges -

Within the realm of sensors and their surrounding technologies is an expanding frontier of the unknown.
“Stories” is about our efforts to bring new value into the world as a manufacturer of sensors.
We introduce these Optex initiatives in tales of innovations and challenges, interspersed with interviews.

#04 A Hygiene Management System Born from a Combining of Knowledge in Different Fields

Introducing optical measurement technology to a new industry. Utilizing collaborative creation to usher in a new era of hygiene management.


#03 Paving the Way to a Low Carbon Society Using Sensors

The connection between Optex sensors and a low carbon society.
We are actively moving forward with our initiatives to create a sustainable society.


#02 The Challenge of Creating a New Optex Katachi

Transitioning from a technology-centered to human-centered approach.
Considering what global standards really are, and aiming for manufacturing that creates products with a value that users can actually feel.


#01 A Switch Created from the Fusion of Sensors with Energy Harvesting Technology

Technology that communicates, and connects.
This switch that utilizes energy harvesting (generating power from the natural environment) is creating a new user experience.


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