CSV (Creating Shared Value)

At Optex, we have developed proprietary sensing technologies, which we are using to create a safe, secure, and comfortable living environment through our businesses and in following our management policy. We are continually striving to generate new economic and social values.
Sensors are used in every field in modern society, and they are an integral part of industries, societies, and people’s lives around the world. For instance, sensors can be used to automate, speed up, remote control, operate unmanned, continually monitor, improve the efficiency, and extend the life of the complex actions and decisions of humans and factors that are difficult to track and understand. Optex security sensors can detect and deter intruders and ensure that society is safe, while our sensors used to measure water quality provide people with water they can use with peace of mind, and our automatic door sensors allow all people to safely and comfortably access buildings.
We have also formed partnerships with various companies, which we are working with to innovate technologies and develop businesses. In taking a creative approach to the entire business process and cultivating new markets, we are generating value to enrich society; put simply, we are Creating Shared Value.

We will continue to leverage Optex technologies and strengths to address a range of issues in society, and adopt a new basis and different approaches and perspectives to create meaningful value in society and innovation that brings about major social changes.

Optex CSV

The priority issues in Creating Shared Value (CSV) are closely linked to Optex businesses and society. At Optex, we approach CSV in three ways.

Basis of Optex Value Creation