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S80/U80 features
EL back light Large LEDindicator
Coaxial lasermarker MAX/MINdisplay
High/Lowalarm Protective case
S80 Only
Selectableemissivity Single memoryfunction
U80 Only
Continuousmeasurementfunction Emissivityadjustment
PC Connection 35-point memoryfunction(max 150 points)
Clock function Time alarmfunction

Pursuit of easy readability
Pursuit of easy readability
For a clear view of your measurement values, we equipped the display with an EL back light. In addition, we incorporated the large LCD with 3 display levels allowing more information to be shown more clearly and with larger sized characters.
As the EL back light is sensor activated, it lights only when ambient light conditions are low.
Users will be satisfied under many different lighting conditions at the ease of reading the PT-80 display.

Pursuit of convenience
Pursuit of convenience
Collecting and storing measurement data for reports can be tedious..
For efficient use of measured data, we equipped the PT-U80 with the ability to Send/Receive data when connected to a PC via USB. Using imported data for creating reports is easy. With the Preset Report Form it becomes even easier. Each data setting is also possible on the PC side.
The software is downloadable from our website.

Pursuit of visibility
Pursuit of visibility
If the laser pointer is shifted off-axis from an actual measurement center, it is difficult to accurately locate it again in the same place. To solve this difficulty, the PT-80 is equipped with a co-axial laser marker which points at the exact center of the measurement area, independent of working distance.

Pursuit of easy measurement
Pursuit of easy measurement
Often, measurement from a long distance can be difficult and sometimes impossible due to a wide measurement area.
The PT-80’s measurement area is 30 x 30 mm from a distance of 1 m. Even from 5 m, its long-focus design still manages an area of only 150 x 150 mm. So safe and secure measurement is possible even in difficult to reach or dangerous locations.


Electric Wiring/Transformer Bearing
Checking for hot spots in an electrical panel. Heat check for equipments


About PT-U80's exclusive software download
The exclusive software activates PT-U80 connected Computer* by USB attached. Please read install manual carefully below before installing the software. Optex is not responsible for any troubles in installation.

*The exclusive software download

*Software explanation
About continuous recording
About forwarding/adjusting memorized data
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