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CS Series NEW

Standard model


High temperature model


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Best performance in severe environment
temperature range: -40 to 1000C smallest sensor head
sensor head: IP69K heat proof 180C (HT type)
water repellent coating

É√-teach function

scaling function large digital display

Smallest sensor head worldwide, installable in a limited space.
Realized 12M (φ14) × 34mm; Ultra Small head size
Good use for equipping various machinery and manufacturing line.

Usable up to 180C ambient temperature without cooling.
Sensor head works properly even at high temperatures of 180°C.
Water cooling is not needed even under high temperature environment. (Low and medium temperature model 100°C)

Highest waterproof rating IP69K.
At harsh environment in the production line, water and dust can cause failure to the sensors.
CS series has passed IP69K that is degree of protection specified in German standard DIN40050-9.


Unique water repellent coating, easy maintenance.
Adhesion of water and oil on lens also affects significantly not only on measurement accuracy and but also on maintenance.
Our unique coated lens keep the lens clean by slight air purge or simply wipe off the surface on the lens.

Usable up to 180C ambient temperature without cooling.
In addition to 2 patterns of optical specification ;
you can choose optical specification out of 4 patterns by using CF lens. ( Option )

Large digital display with 7-segment LED
Easy-to-see display compared to old models.


Easy temperature adjustment - 2 points teaching function
1 point teaching is common. With 2 points teaching, more stable measurement is realized.

Versatile measurement mode
··· Bank mode ···
There are 4 banks settable individually.

··· Analog output scale function ···
Analog output (4-20mA) can be scaled freely.

··· Trigger inputs ···
You can select the output control at the time of trigger (synchronous) input.
[External trigger/Wave trigger/MAX,MIN,
P-P,Sample hold]