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The oil leak detection system comprises a hermetically sealed floating-body sensor (CSR-3005) and an intrinsically safe signal converter (AS-40) for power supply, signal conversion, and alarm activation. The CSR-3005 sensor circuit applies a highfrequency potential to three electrodes which project downward from the float into the water below. If an oil layer forms on the water surface, and the electrodes thus project into oil rather than water, it effectively lowers the capacitance between the electrodes and ground. This change is detected, amplified, and conveyed from the sensor circuit as a signal current via the sensor cable to the signal converter, which then engages the oil leak alarm circuit.


Oil Leak Detection System CSR-3005
Oil Leak Detection System
 Inherent operational reliability
- Asymmetric float conformation at waterline, for stable function and operation.
- Signal converter delay circuit, to prevent false alarms due to transient loss of contact with water surface.
- Lower-body conformation and electrode positioning designed to prevent short-circuiting by sludge or slime deposits (Fig.1).
- Electrodes designed to prevent false alarms due to grease or grime adhesion (Fig.2)
 Capability for detection of high-viscosity oils (Fig.3).
 Minimum detectable oil-layer thickness 3`5 mm; up to 50 mm with optional electrodes.
 Display lamp on sensor body, for visual on-site check of operational status.
 Sensor body composed of oil-, chemical-, and weather-resistant self-extinguishing plastic.
 System alarm automatically engaged by relay circuit, in the event of power loss at signal converter,
cable disconnection, or cable short-circuit.
 Intrinsically safe construction for Zone-0 hazardous-location applications.


Model No. (Sensor) CSR-3005
Minimum detectable
oil layer thickness
3-5 mm
Detected oils Crude oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, heavy fuel oil, lubricating oil,
organic solvents, animal and vegetable fats and oils
Oil detection lamp Green LED normally ON, turns OFF upon oil detection.
Signal cable(included) PVC sheathing, two 0.2mm2 wires, 12m length
Highly flex-, heat-, and oil-resistant
Max. cable length Extension up to 2 km maximum (limit under IIC T4 rating)
Housing structure Watertight, IEC Class IP67 equivalent
Housing material High impact PVC
Electrode material SUS 316
Operating temperature -20 to +60C(liquid layers must be free from freezing)
Weight Approx. 2.6 kg (excluding sensor cable)

Model No. (Signal converter) AS-40
System alarm Initiated by power loss at signal converter, cable disconnect, or cable short-circuit
Delay timer Adjustable, approx. 1-10 sec.
Power supply AC100/110V, 200/220V; 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Approx. 2VA
Output Alarm Relay Output (Form C configuration for both oil detection signal and system malfunction signal)
Terminal rating AC250V, 4A; DC30V, 4A
Oil detection lamp Green LED normally ON, turns OFF upon oil detection.
System alarm lamp Red LED normally OFF, turns ON upon power abnormality
Structure Intrinsically safe, Class IIC
Operating temperature -10 to +50 C
Operating humidity 95% RH
Weight Approx. 0.8 kg
  (Sensor) CSR-3005 (Signal converter) AS-40
  CSR-3005 AS-40