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On-line type Turbidity Checker(TSC-10)
Turbidity Checker (TC-100/500/3000)
SS Checker (TS-Mx)
SS Checker (TCS-1000)
Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (DOS-20)
Oil Leak Detection System (CSR-3005)
Free Residual Chlorine Monitor (RCL-1PWA)
Portable type Turbidity Monitoring Sensor
Turbidity Turbidity Checker(TSC-10)
Turbidity Checker (TC-100/500/3000)
Portable Turbidity Monitoring Sensor
Suspended Solids SS Checker (TS-Mx)
SS Checker (TCS-1000)
Dissolved Oxygen Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (DOS-20)
Oil Oil Leak Detection System (CSR-3005)
Residual Chlorine Free Residual Chlorine Monitor

Continuous Suspended Solids monitoring with no complicated set up and maintenance.

product Oct 17,2014 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor is launched
Exhibition May 20-22,2014 IE EXPO 2014(Shanghai,China)
Exhibition June 2-4,2014 SIWW 2014(Singapore)