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Human tracking technology

Tracks only “humans” with a high degree of accuracy.Creates security and various other added values.

This technology enables recognition and tracking of objects with the shape of “human,” sharply distinguishing between people and other objects. It can be applied to various situations, such as preventing unauthorized access and counting visitors at a commercial facility.

Proprietary human tracking technology and vector focusing method

Human detection by image recognition

Our technology enables recognition and tracking of persons who appear in the image at high speed and with a high degree of accuracy. Vector information on the shape of a person is calculated, based on which the presence of a person is recognized.

Visual image of human tracking Visual image of human tracking

Equipped with direction-determining capability, enabling a wide range of applications

Users can choose necessary functions, according to applications. These include the detection of persons moving in a given direction (access control/head counting), detection of persons staying in a specific area (access control), and multidirectional measurements (head counting/grasp of traffic flow).

Applied to marketing and the prevention of unauthorized access

Access control system/tailgating detection system

This technology is used for tailgating detection in an access control system in which differences are determined between the number of authenticated IDs and number of those passing through a specific area. For a higher level of security, the function to detect the presence of two or more people in a detection area is added.

Visual image of multidirectional measurement

Store management and customer traffic counting system

The number of visitors to commercial facilities and public facilities is counted, based on which various kinds of information is monitored such as average time spent there and traffic flow. This technology is mainly used for appropriate deployment of security personnel, the holding of various events, and assessment of shopping center tenants.

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