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Technical Information


Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment
Appropriate models


AX-70TN/130TN/200TN, AX-100TF/200TF, AX-350TF/650TF, AX-250PLUS/500PLUS, BX-100PLUS


AX-350/650DH MKIII/350DH TS/350DH BT

A.G.C. (Automatic Gain Control) Circuit

The A.G.C. Circuit continually monitors for gradual changes in the signal's strength caused by changing weather conditions. It gains the sensitivity accordingly to maintain weather conditions.

ATPC™(Auto Transmit Power Control)

Automatically controls, adjusts and optimizes the power of beams and maintains optimal performance. The result is decreased false and misses alarms caused by fluctuations in beam quantity influenced by outside elements. This includes excessive beam input caused for example by reflection of the enclosure or decreased beam quantity because of dense fog.

Decreased beam
because of dense fog

Excessive beam quantity caused by beams reflected from surrounding enclosures (e.g. walls)



Automatically increases and adjusts
to optimize the beam condition.

Automatically decreases the beams
to adjust to the conditions.