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Technical Information


Adjustable Beam Interruption Time
Appropriate models

AX-70TN/130TN/200TN, AX-100TF/200TF, AX-350TF/650TF, AX-250PLUS/500PLUS, AX-350/650DH MKIII/350DH TS/350DH BT

By using the Beam Interruption Time potentiometer, it is possible to increase the time the beam must be broken in order to generate an alarm. This will reduce the chance of false alarms being caused by falling leaves, blowing debris or animal or bird movement within the protected area. Refer to the diagram before making any adjustments. If you make the beam Interruption time too long, quickly moving intruders may be able to pass through the beams undetected. After performing this adjustment be certain to do a walk-thru test and confirm that the detector will provide a satisfactory level of protection.