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Lightning & Surge Protection
Appropriate models

[AX-70TN/130TN/200TN, AX-100TF/200TF, AX-350TF/650TF, AX-250PLUS/500PLUS, AX-350/650DH MKIII/350DH TS/350DH BT

Lightning surges are a constant source of problems for electronic equipment that is used outdoors.
There are two types of lightning surge: 1) direct strike and 2) induced surge.
In a direct lightning strike, the amount of energy dissipated is so great that there is currently no means of protecting electrical equipment from damage. A lightning induced surge may be caused by the movement of charged clouds or a nearby lightning strike. Either of these causes can induced surge voltages in electrical wiring. It is possible to provide some degree of protection against lightning induced surges by installing surge absorbers at appropriate locations as shown in the diagram.
Our AX series can withstand a lightning surge up to 14kV without damage resulting in faulty operation (IEC801-5 lightning surge noise is the maximum level of our test).