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When microwave and PIR detection are used together, the detection areas of each must be the same in order to make accurate detection. But traditionally this can be a problem because....
• Firstly, microwaves are not always limited by objects such as wall, windows and partitions,   whereas PIR detection is.
• Secondly, the distances at which microwaves can detect movement tend to be far greater   than those required by internal intruder detection applications.
Microwave Area Shaping Technology overcomes these problems by matching the microwave detection area to that of the PIR and by limiting it to the room being covered. Long or short distance can be set roughly, by selecting the range using the switch and more precise adjustment is obtained. By doing this, false alarms from beyond the required coverage area or outside the room in question are avoided.
Since the detection area has uniform sensitivity, which minimizes false activation's caused by spot movement in the detection area e.g. small animals.



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