SIP-3020 SIP-4010 SIP-404

Medium Range Synthesized Intelligent PIR

The SIP-3020, SIP-4010, and SIP-404 detectors in the REDWALL-V Series are designed for use in small and mid-sized outdoor areas. They have an intelligent detection system that uses data on the ambient environment, such as temperature and illuminance conditions, to automatically adjust the sensitivity.

Mechanisms for easy installation enable accurate adjustment of the detection area at setup, which results in more reliable operation. The optional AVF-1 Area View Finder allows the installer to visually identify the detection area.

The detectors are also equipped with anti-rotation and anti-masking. They can also detect vandalism or tampering on the units. These functions provide greater security in operations.

Detectors in the REDWALL-V Series are ideal for triggering outdoor camera systems where high performance is required.

SIP-3020 SIP-4010 SIP-404


  • Intelligent PIR Detection System
    - Detection of ambient temperature and illuminance for automatic sensitivity management
    - Advanced detection algorithm
    - Three dual pyro-elements with patented Double Conductive Shielding
  • Anti-vandalism functions
    - Anti-rotation function with 3-axis accelerometer
    - Anti-masking function with photo-beam
    - Reinforced polycarbonate housing
    - Max. 4m (13ft.) installation height
  • Independent sensitivity selector for near/far areas
  • Detection logic selector
  • Detection range selector
  • Independent N.C. and N.O. outputs
  • Adjustable alarm interval time
  • BS8418 Compliant - U.K.



Model SIP-3020 SIP-4010 SIP-404
Detection method Passive infrared
Coverage 30 x 20 m (100 x 65 ft.) 40 x 10 m (130 x 33 ft.) 40 x 4 m (130 x 13 ft.)
Power input 11-26VDC 22-26VAC, 22-26VDC/AC with optional heating unit
Current draw 40mA max. (12VDC) 75mA max. (24VAC), 415mA max. (24VAC) with optional heating unit
Mounting height 2.3 to 4 m (7.6 to 13 ft.)
Sensitivity selector Far: SH/H/M/L Near: SH/H/M/L
Range selector Far: On/Off
Alarm output N.O., N.C., 28 VDC 0.2A max.
Alarm interval period Off/15, 30, 60 sec.
Trouble output N.C., 28 VDC 0.2 A max.
Tamper output N.C., 28 VDC 0.1 A max.
Alarm period Approx. 2 sec.
Warm-up period Approx. 60 sec.
Operating temperature -25 to +60°C, -40 to +60°C with optional heating unit
(-13 to +140°F, -40 to +140°F with optional heating unit)
IP rating Main unit:IP65
Dimensions (H x W x D) 227 x 102 x 266 mm (9.0 x 4.0 x 10.5 in.)
Weight 1.2kg (42 oz)
* Specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice.



(walk tester)
for SIP-3020 / 4010 / 404 / 3020/5 / 4010/5 / 404/5 / 3020WF / 4010WF / 404WF
(When the SIP-HU is used, the power for SIP series should be 22-26VAC.)
Area view finder for visualization of detection area.

Audible walk-tester.
Converts amplifier signals into sweeping sound and simplifies detection area setting.

Sun/Snow shields are available. Heating unit for low temperature condition.
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